Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going Back in Time

I wish it was summer right now. But instead, I'm stuck in my room all day (except for now, I needed a break :D), studying, studying, studying and even more studying. Testweek again! That means I won't be updating my blog very often this week. But I'll make it all up to you, because I've already got some outfits ready to be worn. Plus, me and my friends decided to go and take pictures when the testweek's over.

So now I'm gonna study again! Tomorrow: Latin, English and French tests!

xxxx Saskia

Pictures taken last summer
I'm wearing a Blanc du Nil dress and a Bijenkorf hat. The shoes & bag are both from France.


  1. oh was het maar zomer! :(

    laten we na je testweek afspreken en 10000 outfits shooten :D
    (als je zon schijnt dan :D)