Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hi guys!

And here's yet another post with instagram pictures! Are you following me yet? My instagram name is xsaskiav, you can find me on the web right here :-) I'd be happy to follow you as well, just leave me a comment with your instagram name and I'll check your pictures out! I love seeing people's instagram pictures, as they can really give you a different look in people's lives. Things they like, things they witness.. I just like to see it and imagine or read stories behind the pics. Yeah, full of fantasy, that's me! :-)

What's in the pics?
stone art at Kos // peacocks, so pretty! // I graduated!! // nailpolish // my favorite way to drink tea // palm trees of Salou // Salou by night // sparkly snake bracelet // new glitter shoes // Fashion Week location // Tony Cohen fashion show // Modefabriek entrance // press pass! // ice cream the way I love it the most // the print on my fav skirt // nutcracker I'm craving haha // aztec nail art // recently on my wrist

Have a great day guys!

X Saskia

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