Sunday, June 23, 2013

WDKA Fashion Show 2013

Do you remember how I promised to upload some fashion show pictures? Well, here they are!! Looking at these pics makes me remember the rush I felt when standing in the back drop, waiting to go on the runway and work it, baby. At first, I was pretty uncomfortable, standing between all those tall, pretty people, and me being just the lame old me, but then I remembered that I was allowed to have a little bit of fun sometimes ;-). I seriously had a blast, we had three shows, one at 4 o' clock, one at 7 o' clock and one at 9 o' clock in the evening. The day started at 07:50 AM for me, so you can probably imagine how tired I was after this day. But also excited. It was a mix of being able to go on on that thrill for hours, but also being exhausted by everything. But it was an amazing day. My mother was sweet enough to take some pictures, but she only figured out how my camera worked near the end of the show, so I don't have that much good pics. But still, if you're reading this: thanks mom! ♥

Pictures by my mother &
In the first two pics where you can see me (wearing the white showpiece and the green dress) I'm wearing designs by first year student Lizet van der Knaap. The second pic you can see me in shows a design with golden bugs by Lieve van de Beek (second year student). The third pic you can see me in shows designs of Afra, third year student of whom I don't know a last name or anything... I'm sorry!

Hope you guys like these pics! Peter Stigter took pictures during the day, I'm hoping to get my hands on those pics as well, as they would be amazing to show you! He also took some backstage pics, I hope I can show you those someday soon. I'll also be showing you some photoshoot pictures I had with the design of Lieve van de Beek, and also with another great designer, Judith van den Eijnden.

♥ Saskia


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