Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY Marc Jacobs Pave Necklace

Here's another DIY I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. I saw it once on Modestelle and fell in love with the simplicity of the idea, but also the amazing look of a pave on a necklace. So thank you Modestelle and Marc Jacobs for this idea! :-)

What you'll need
- A hardware nut
- Rhinestones
- Jewelery glue
- Jewelery pliers
- Tweezers
- Necklace chain
- Lobster clasp and jump ring

Step 1. Put glue on the nut. Be careful: jewelery glue can come out of the tube very easily!!

Step 2. Put a little bit of glue on the hardware nut for each rhinestone you put on it. I used very small stones, so I had to use tweezers to put them on the right way.

Step 3. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the entire nut is full of rhinestones! Then let it dry for a bit. While you let it dry, you can watch TV, or you can already move on to step 4, where you'll attach the lobster clasp and jump ring to the end of the necklace chains!

Step 4. Cut the chain in half and put a lobster clasp on one of the ends (using the jewelery pliers) and a jump ring on the other half.

Step 5. Thread the chain through the nut and attach the loose end to the chain. This will make the front of your nut really be showing on your necklace. If you just put the necklace through the nut, it'll turn a quarter and the front will not be in the front. This sounds a bit stupid, but you'll just have to try it to understand it haha!

Thread the other half of the necklace through the nut the same way. Make sure they are attached at the same height, to make it look symmetric.

And here's the result!

I Always have a hard time doing these DIY's in English haha, it's still a bit hard to explain exactly what I did, and make it sound understandable... But if you have any questions about this, please ask and I'll try to answer in a more understandable way! ;-)

By the way: I didn't really do this myself. I took the pictures while my girlfriend did the crafting. I have stupid eyes that won't let me see very good, especially depth, so using tweezers, jewelery pliers and doing some very precise work isn't really my cup of tea. I really love the result of this necklace, and I'd love to know what you think about it!!

♥ Saskia



  1. Goed gelukt en je Engels is voor mij in ieder geval prima te volgen haha. Liefs

  2. Wat een leuke DIY! Prachtige resultaat, me like :D

    xxx Jocelina

  3. Wat een leuk idee! Ziet er erg leuk uit :)

  4. Thanks for featuring me on your blog! The simplicity of this DIY is what inspired me to do it in the first place! I'll be posting other DIYs soon!


  5. Dit vind ik dus echt heeeeel leuk gedaan!!

    Ik hou een Swarovski giveaway op m'n blog, neem je een kijkje? xx