Monday, March 28, 2011

Break Out

Taking a break from studying again! It's time to relax a little bit and not translate Latin texts for half an hour. That means it's time to show you what I'm wearing!

I'm wearing a green Zara skirt today (I actually wanted to combine it with pink: colour blooooock!!!! But eventually I didn't, as you can see haha). I combined it with a white top. I sewed a bow on it this morning. The bow is actually supposed to be put in your hair, but I figured it would be nice on a top as well! :) I'm also carrying my Jimmy Choo for H&M clutch ♥

I'm gonna go back to Dido & Aeneas (the two people we've been reading about last couple of weeks, haha) now!

Big love,

Oh by the way, could you guys vote for me please? I'm participating in a contest called "Concours Blog de l'année 2011", in English: they're looking for the blogger of the year 2011. And that's who I wanna be. Or at least I want to make it to the first page!! So follow this link:

Concours Blog de l'année 2011 -

And scroll down! Click the "Je vote" button, tick the checkbox and click "je valide". Then you see a "VOTÉ" button. Thank you very much!!!


  1. Breaks are essential to studying :))
    Love the skirt! You are so pretty!!

  2. Hi dear!! i really like the green skirt and the pics !1you are so beautiful...
    kisses from Spain.