Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fashion & Simplicity in Paris

So here's my big surprise. The last day (I'm actually pretty sad I went just three days... But that's only a good reason to go to Paris again soon!) in Paris, we first went to visit the Notre Dame, I love the church, it's so gorgeous! After this, my mother and I walked through les Tuileries. The weather was gorgeous, I even took my coat off!

Then suddenly saw a crowd of people, and so we went there to check it out. Turns out it was a crowd of bloggers and other fashionable people (including bag ladies - on the first picture on the right, with the white maxi skirt - who also looked great). I was too excited to take lots of pictures, because I just kept looking and looking and looking. My eyes almost fell out, haha. But luckily, my mother took pictures. Seeing all those people standing in front of the Viktor and Rolf show (which was probably going on allready, not sure but I think so according to the music we heard..) made me realise how much I wish to be able to go to a Paris Fashion Week show. It made me realise how big my dream to be a fashion professional is. But enough talking for now, I'm gonna show you the pictures! (I don't have that much pictures, but it's enough, I think haha)

And this is what I wore that very day!

Pictures taken in front of a door near Place de la Concorde :)

Big love,

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