Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sail Away

♫ David Gray - Sail Away ♫

Lots of bloggers find the titles of their posts through songs. I reversed that today. I checked the first title that came up in my head with this outfit and then searched for it on Youtube. I found the song shown above, and it was soooo sad and pretty and wow, that I had to share it with you :) It's actually a great way to explore the fascinating and big big big world of music. Gonna do that more often, I think! :)

I'm sorry - again - for being lazy, but it's been crazzzzzy lately. But I think I'm gonna have more time to go and shoot a couple of pictures after school with friends :) The weather's gonna get better soon, so we'll probably be outside a lot. That's how I like it!

Ohh and when I'm on summer holiday, there will be taken LOTS and LOTS of pictures!! Especially because my sister's boyfriend is coming with us and he's a professional photographer, check out his photography here! And since we're going to the beach, there might be a beach photoshoot coming!! Sadly, we have to wait for a month or two until that time will come, but hey, it's something to look forward to, right?



PS. I'm sorry for the kind of blurry pictures, but I had to crop my pictures big time! I'll try make the pictures better next time!

PPS. I'm planning on creating another dress! I'll tell you guys when I've got a design and/or a few work-in-progress-pictures!



  1. Wauw, je short én je ketting zijn fan-tas-tisch! Echt een hele geslaagde outfit.


  2. Mooie outfit! Love the shoes <3

  3. Nice! I always get my titles from my clothes! haha. Love the shoes!

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  4. I love David Gray. That is a great song. And I love the simplicity of this outfit. So pretty!

  5. Echt een geweldige outfit! Shorts, ketting en schoenen echt super!

  6. You have everything nautical, it's so cute! My favourite has got to be the boat necklace. Awww!

  7. hi id love to get to know you but there is no contact details

  8. Echt een leuke, en ook wel schattige outfit!
    ik ben vooral helemaal verliefd op je hakken en de ketting!