Tuesday, December 13, 2011

L'école National - The Outfit

Hi guys!

In my last post I showed you pictures of the gorgeous store of L'école National in Rotterdam. But what did I wear to the opening party? Well, that's something you can see right here! :)

What I'm wearing:
skirt worn as dress - H&M // belt - from London // cardigan - Zara

Love xx,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Versace for H&M ♥

Hi guys!

Here's my post about what I bought at Versace for H&M! Finally... I'm sorry that it took me so long to post those pics. I already tried to take pictures inside my house, but those weren't very good, so I had to get a photographer. And today I got one, haha! It was so so so so so cold outside! I hope you like the pics!

Did you get anything of the collection?

hihi erm yes, awkward face! :P

What I'm wearing:
Versace for H&M top, skirt and heels

Also I would like to apologize for the lack of outfit posts. When I use self timer, the pictures won't be as good as when a friend comes with me to take my pictures for me. There's also the fact that when I come home from school, it's getting dark already so the pictures really won't come out very good :( Maybe when I use a photographer, they will be good, I'll try that soon!

Love xx,

Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Number One Heels

Ever wanted to be number one? Well, with these heels you can!! And how much will they cost? Let me tell you: they will cost you nothing! no-thing! That sounds appealing now, doesn't it?

You can creathe these babies yourself. What will you need?

- Two medals
- Chains
- Studs
- Needles and thread
- Studs
- Glue
- And it's possible to use a ribbon

When to use the ribbon?
When you want to wear your shoes with and without the decoration. If you put safety pins on the outsides of the ribbon, you can choose whether you want to wear your heels with your number one decoration! Plus, if you decide to create the decoration on a ribbon, you can put them on any shoe you want! You can even put one on a bag if you want to spice up your bag! :)

How to create these heels?
When you're using a ribbon, sew all the chains on the ribbon. When you're not using a ribbon, simply sew the chains on the shoe!

1. Measure how long the ribbon has to be to cover the entire front of the shoe

2. Pin the medal on the ribbon (or shoe) to see where it will look the prettiest. Try to put it as much as possible in the middle of the shoe. This will make your decoration the prettiest

3. Sew the chains on the ribbon (or shoe) the way you want them to be. Also glue the studs on the ribbon where you want. I decided to put the chains in the middle and finish it up with a stud on both sides. This is how your ribbon will look!

4. Put the safety pins on the ribbon and use these safety pins to secure the ribbon to the heel.

5. Follow the exact same steps on the other heel. Yay! Your pretty heels are all done! Now all you've got to do is put them on and wow everyone with your number one heels! :)

I hope you guys like this DIY! If you decide to do this yourself as well, don't hesitate to email me your results! I'd be happy to see your results!

Love xx,