Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hi guys!

Here's my - one week too late - Instagram post!! I've been so extremely busy with school lately.. I'm taking a break right now, and after this I'm gonna focus focus focus again. I decided to postpone my blogging for a week, so all the ideas for subjects and outfits I've gathered, will be online soon. Hopefully. I hope the weather won't make taking outfit pictures impossible.. I've done some shopping lately, so I've got a couple of new items to show you!! And it's getting dark at 6 PM lately, so I've got more options for taking outfit pictures after school, if I'm home early :-)

What's on the pics?
1. My personal favorite of my 2012 outfit recap. Check it out over here!
2. Two lovely Paperchase postcards. I bet I'll keep them in a frame and put them up on my wall
3. Jungle fever on my hand and wrist: Accessorize ring & Anna Dello Russo for H&M bracelet
4. New earrings, gift from my girlfriend Rinske!!
5. Jean Paul Gaultier in Rotterdam. Picture taken by Rinske <3 6. New H&M dress! I'm so in love with it!

I hope to be posting more frequently from now on!! Can't promise you anything though.. Busy busy weeks :-(



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2012 Outfit Recap

Hi guys!

We left 2012 behind us two months ago, but today I decided to have a little flashback and show you some of my outfits of 2012. I collected some outfits that I really liked, or that were just quite special to me. Here you are: my favorites of 2012! Which outfit / picture is your favorite?

1. An exclusive pic of the interview I had for Pantyhose Party. Check it out here!
2. Two things of the collection I made for my final project at school. Check out the entire collection here.
3. Outfit featuring my favorite shorts with an aztec print. Pic from a photoshoot I did with Rinske
4. Just a really nice and summery outfit. I love the hat and my hair actually looks quite good in this pic haha.
5. Just a picture to show you guys how crazy I actually am ;-)
6. My outfit for Fashion Week 2012!
7. The outfit I wore to Modefabriek
8. I look so tanned in this pic, haha. I'm still in love with those pants...
9. A Christmas photoshoot I did with Mira and her sister Loes.

I hope I'll get some new outfit pictures soon!!

X Saskia


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hi guys!

Here's my weekly Instagram update.. I didn't post that many pictures this week, so it's a very small post this week. That's why I'm giving you something extra to look at: a never posted outfit picture of what I wore around New Year's Eve! Why didn't I post it already? Well, that's for both you and I a very good question. ;-)

1. I always post a preview shot on my Instagram feed when I've had a photoshoot! Stay up to date by following me! My username's @saskiavanrij
2. Lovely desert time with Rinske
3. Almost Valentine's day again! Have you got some plans yet?
4. An old design in an old notebook of mine.
5. A not-so-clear picture of a painting I'm working on
6. I want these two items so badly!! Been searching for a skirt like this for ages now, and the bathing suit has just been added to my wishlist. I guess I'll just order them soon....

What I'm wearing in the outfit pic:
Vero Moda blazer // unknown brand dress // Van Haren heels

Have a nice evening!

X Saskia