Saturday, June 29, 2013

Holiday, Celebrate!

Tomorrow I'm off to France for my holiday guys!!! I'll be going to the south of France, try to get a tan by lying on the beach all day (and of course I'll fail: I can't get a tan), have romantic walks on the beach with my girlfriend, shop till I drop and just have an amazing time. My parents already left last week, and as they are able to get a tan, they'll probably laugh out loud when they see my snow man-white face... Gotta love them!

I'd love to show you where I'm going, as I've already been there a couple of times and I just love it there. I love France, especially the south of France (and Paris, of course). Sun, beach, no cold summers... Oh how I wish I could live there! Well, let's dream some more by checking out these pics I took over the years!!

Old pictures haha so the quality isn't that great. But don't you just love the look of the weather, the flowers, the swimming pool, the fraise tralala slushie? I can't wait to be in France!!

I do have some posts for you guys, as I can't leave you with nothing for about two weeks (although I did, yes, I know). I've got one post per week planned (two DIY's!), so be sure to check out my blog ;-) I might be able to update my blog during my holiday, but I'm not quite sure about that...

See you guys soon & have a great holiday yourselves!! Are you going away on vacation too? :-)

♥ Saskia

P.S. It's decided: Google Friend Connect won't work anymore by the first of July! If you'd like to stay up to date about my blog: be sure to follow me on Bloglovin!! What do you think about Google shutting down friend connect?? I absolutely don't like it :-( But there's google plus now, and everything else, so maybe it's time for me to leave the things I've known for over 2 years, and try something new! I'm pretty much forced to do it, so if you'd still like to follow me: do it on bloglovin or ad me on Google Plus! :-)


Sunday, June 23, 2013

WDKA Fashion Show 2013

Do you remember how I promised to upload some fashion show pictures? Well, here they are!! Looking at these pics makes me remember the rush I felt when standing in the back drop, waiting to go on the runway and work it, baby. At first, I was pretty uncomfortable, standing between all those tall, pretty people, and me being just the lame old me, but then I remembered that I was allowed to have a little bit of fun sometimes ;-). I seriously had a blast, we had three shows, one at 4 o' clock, one at 7 o' clock and one at 9 o' clock in the evening. The day started at 07:50 AM for me, so you can probably imagine how tired I was after this day. But also excited. It was a mix of being able to go on on that thrill for hours, but also being exhausted by everything. But it was an amazing day. My mother was sweet enough to take some pictures, but she only figured out how my camera worked near the end of the show, so I don't have that much good pics. But still, if you're reading this: thanks mom! ♥

Pictures by my mother &
In the first two pics where you can see me (wearing the white showpiece and the green dress) I'm wearing designs by first year student Lizet van der Knaap. The second pic you can see me in shows a design with golden bugs by Lieve van de Beek (second year student). The third pic you can see me in shows designs of Afra, third year student of whom I don't know a last name or anything... I'm sorry!

Hope you guys like these pics! Peter Stigter took pictures during the day, I'm hoping to get my hands on those pics as well, as they would be amazing to show you! He also took some backstage pics, I hope I can show you those someday soon. I'll also be showing you some photoshoot pictures I had with the design of Lieve van de Beek, and also with another great designer, Judith van den Eijnden.

♥ Saskia


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shopping: Silver and Plastic

OK, I really can't help myself. After my short bag addiction, I totally came back to shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes. I just can't leave them behind in a store when they're screaming for me to take them home, or can I? Nope.

I bought the first pair at Zara, and the second pair at Pull & Bear. They're perfect for the beach, and as I'm going to France in only two weeks, I'll be needing those! We're going to the south of France, and they don't know a sandy beach over there where we're going. So shoes are a must! And this year, I searched and searched and searched for a pair like these, because they make me remember my childhood haha. I just remember having these when I was a little girl. Did you have shoes like these as well?

And the silver heels, well, I couldn't help myself. Shiny things, high heels, a combination of the two.. Perfect, right??

And some other news... Those of you who follow me on Instagram must have already seen it, but I was a runway model for a day exactly one week ago! I walked in 4 different designs of 3 fashion design students. It was an exhausting day, being on the scene from 7.50 A.M. til about 11 P.M., but it's been great! Famous runway photographer Peter Stigter took pictures, and we'll be receiving some of his pics soon (hopefully)! Otherwhise I'd just like to refer you to my Instagram account, where you can already see some pics by other photographers!

♥ Saskia


Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Neon Flowerpot

Here's another DIY project I found while browsing through other blogs lately! I found this one on My Online Wardrobe! It's not a fashion DIY for once, but an interior DIY! I decided to do it exactly the same as on My Online Wardrobe, but next time I might put an aztec print on the neon pink part of the pot! Well, here we go!

Here's what you'll need
- A flowerpot (I bought mine for less than €2,00 at Action)
- Neon spraypaint (bought this one at a hardware store)
- Newspapers to cover your floor
- Tape
- Pieces of paper
- Nailpolish remover
- Cotton swabs

And here's what you'll do!

Step 1. Cover the top part of your flowerpot with tape. I also used some white paper to cover it up faster, and I also thought it would stop spots and splashes to appear on the pot. We'll see soon if that worked or not...

Step 2. Start spraying your flowerpot! It's best to spray multiple thin layers on it, as this will prevent drips.

Step 3. Let it dry for a bit! You can use the tip of your finger to feel whether it's dry or not, but make sure to do this very carefully! If it's not dry, you will see your finger marks on the paint haha! ;-) If it's completely dry, peel off the paper and the tape! I still had some splashes, but they were easily to remove with a bit of nailpolish and a cotton swab.

And here's your result!! Put a nice plant in it, and enjoy!

How did you like this DIY? Would you like some more interior DIY's on my blog, or would you like me to stay with fashion DIY's? I've still got the "big book of DIY" on my computer, with projects I collected over the time, so don't worry: DIY's will always find their way back to my blog! :-)

♥ Saskia


Saturday, June 15, 2013

All White

Two days ago I posted an all black outfit, this time I went for an all white outfit! This is the opposite photoshoot I talked about in my last post. It's shot by Mira in her beautiful hometown Tiel, in the Netherlands. It's absolutely stunning. I didn't expect such a gorgeous piece of nature in a city like Tiel, but just a couple of minutes away from the city center is this place. Unbelievable, right? You've seen me standing and sitting on a rooftop in Tiel, you've seen me near a church in Tiel, and did you expect that the city also has this? Well, I didn't ;-)

What I'm wearing:
H&M top // Bershka bandeau // H&M shorts // H&M heels

Hope you guys like this post! And what do you think about the first two pics? I finally figured out how to place two pictures side by side. I also figured out a way to rotate my pictures, as Blogger sometimes has it's way of rotating my pictures in a way they shouldn't be rotated. Has any of you faced these problems as well?

♥ Saskia


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Black is the New Black

Black is always in fashion. Mira wanted to do an all black shoot, and this is what came out of it. At first, I wasn't really satisfied with the pics, they weren't as good as our other pictures were.. But in the end, as the pics were all edited and everything, I kind of like them! I added some text to the pictures, to make them kind of magazine-ish. What do you think about these pics?

There's an opposite photoshoot coming later this week!!

What I'm wearing:
H&M pants // DIY top // Bershka bandeau // Only blazer // Van Haren heels

What are you expecting for the "opposite" photoshoot? I'm curious to see what you'll guess!

♥ Saskia


Sunday, June 9, 2013


Second Sunday of the month is Instadiary Day! Last Instagram update was at the 12th of May, now it's the 9th of June, so it's time to update you all. My Instagram account has kind of made a change the last month: since the beginning of June, the weather is getting better. But in May, oh my, the weather was awful. It made me feel like I should have worn sweaters, scarfs and beanies all month long. And it was already spring! Well, let's see what kind of pics I posted last month...

What's on the pics?
1. L.K. Bennett shoes at the Sarenza party
2. Sonia Rykiel shoes at the same Sarenza party
3. Dark, dark clouds of the Netherlands. OK, I may have exaggerated a bit by using a dark Instagram filter
4. I really felt like wearing scarfs and beanies, as you can see
5. Instabreakfast (because many people consider Instagram the perfect place to post their breakfast, lunch or dinner, making me jealous)
6. A DIY top
7. I was doubting about ordering these boots. And I did. Do you like them?
8. I wore a summer-ish H&M Conscious Collection top underneath my sweater, so I could just feel a little bit of spring on my body
9. A modern version of the girl with the pearl earring. Because that's what she probably would have done if she lived now ;-)
10. Garlic bread, which is super tasty!
11. Perfect summer items: a hat and heels from this year's H&M Conscious Collection
12. A sweet painting Mira made for me :-)

If you'd like to see my Instagrammies more often, don't hesitate to follow me! My username is @saskiavanrij . Hope to see you there!!

♥ Saskia


Friday, June 7, 2013

DIY stone necklace

Here's another DIY post me and Rinske tried out some time ago. I saw this DIY once on the German blog Mia's Little Corner, but unfortunately I couldn't find it anymore. Luckily I keep all of the DIY's that inspire me (with a link, but this time it didn't work anymore.. Bummer!) in a huge document on my laptop. I put some pictures with it, and the description of how I should do this with it, and then I save it for when I've got time.

Enough about that, let's go DIY!

What you'll need
- Some stones
- Wire
- Necklace chains
- Jewellery craft pliers

What you'll do

First, cut a piece of wire of which you think it will be long enough, then make a loop in the middel of the wire. Twist it to secore the loop.

Then you have to wrap the wire around the stone for the first time. Make sure you wrap it around very tightly, so the stone won't fall out.

Then just start wrapping the stone in wire, the way you like it to be. Again: make sure it's wrapped around the stone tightly. Also make sure you cover each angle of the stone, so there's no way it can fall out!

Cut the loose ends of the wire. The back of your pendant looks quite chaotic, but that's OK. People will only see the front of it, right? ;-)

And here are the results!! On the first pic, you'll see the result of my stone necklace, and on the second you'll see Rinske's result!

Do you like this DIY? And will you be trying it yourself? Or have you already made one? I'd love to see your result! There's also an option which is perfect for your summer holiday. You can check this DIY out right here. It's pretty much the same idea, but then with beach stones! So first you're gonna have to spend an afternoon on the beach, relaxing in the sun and finding some pretty stones, and then after this day, you can make this necklace to remind you of that perfect beach day!

Does this sound good, or does it sound perfect?

♥ Saskia


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yesterday I went shooting again with fellow blogger and friend Mira from Mira Tells! She writes about almost everything, from beauty product reviews to DIY and fashion, and also things she just wants to tell us about. She writes in Dutch, so I'm sorry for my English or another language speaking readers, but you can still look at her pics ;-) Besides blogging, she also loves taking pictures. And that's why we team up a lot for some photoshoots, sometimes with a special theme (this was a hint to some future posts), but sometimes "just" outfit pictures.

What I'm wearing:
C&A pants // DIY beaded heels // Vero Moda top

As you can see, I'm wearing C&A pants which I absolutely adore. Considering how much I loved their new collection, as shown here, I just had to go and check out what they had in stores. I found these pants and a cute top with an elephant on it (something different than a tiger, right ;-)?).

Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Do you have any plans for the weekend or for summer? My holiday will start in about two weeks. I'm going to France with my parents, sister and girlfriend, and to Hungary with my girflriend and her mother. I hope it will be great :-)

♥ Saskia