Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Winter Cravings

Hi guys!

School has started again and you can notice that in my lack of blog posts... But today I decided to go a little creative. I hadn't done anything with my polyvore account in a very long while, so I logged on to polyvore and took some time to create my winter wish list. Although I can't pay for most of these items (like the lipstick and mascara: gorgeous items, but being a student means not having a lot of money, so I guess I'll have to find cheaper options!) I still wanted to show you my cravings.

Vivi Clothing + Cravings & more

There's also a couple of Vivi clothes items on this list: the gorgeous black high heeled ankle boots, the panda bag and the ring in the middle of the image. You know how I love heels, and when I saw this pair... If only I had the money!! I'm also showing you this panda bag (way too expensive.. Just my luck) as I really love animal shaped or whatever-kind-of-things shaped bags. I've got a car shaped bag, a house shaped, a snail shaped, a bus shaped and more of those bags. How awesome would a panda shaped bag be?? And about the ring, well, I just love rings. When I was younger I sometimes wore 10 rings: one on each finger... Now I only wear two haha, but I still buy lots of rings!

Even though lots of items on are pretty affordable, I've got the talent to choose the most expensive things. Or, well, not the most expensive, but those things were pretty expensive. The ring was affordable though, so I might face a lot of trouble not buying it. Have you ever ordered something from Vivi Clothes? And what are you currently raving for?

Have a nice evening! :-)

X Saskia

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Bit of Back in Time

Hi guys!

I promised to show you some more pictures of Hungary, so here they are! I'm showing you the pictures of my precious bathing suit, which isn't exactly suitable for swimming competitions, or maybe even swimming at all. But oh, how I love it! The flowers on the top, the small diamonds in the flowers, the color, the shape... I saw it in store, fell in love with it, and fell even more in love with it after seeing the "SALE!" tag on it. Only 14 euros, my dear followers. Fourteen, yes. Well, I won't keep you any longer, here are the pics!

little surfer girl haha
What I'm wearing:
River Island bathing suit

Do you own a bathing suit or do you prefer a bikini? :-) Have a nice weekend guys!

X Saskia

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flower Power

Hi guys!

Here's another outfit post! The sun was already setting, so some of the pics really got this nice orange kind of glow on them. I'm wearing one of my new items: printed pants! I saw them in store and immediately fell in love. I did buy a flower printed jeans before, but I actually never wore them. I thought I'd never buy printed pants again, as they also didn't look very good on me. But those pants... I just fell in love. The pattern, the look of it, the model... They're perfect, don't you think? :-)

What I'm wearing:
H&M top // Zara pants // Roberto Durville flats // H&M bracelets

Have a nice weekend! I hope the weather will be just as good at your place as it currently is in the Netherlands! :-)

Oh by the way, I thought I only had about 100 followers, but it turned out that there's over 200 of you! I just wanted to say that I really appreciate every follower, every comment and every pageview :-) Thank you all!

X Saskia

PS. For the Dutchies: hebben jullie de blog van mijn vriendin Rinske al gezien? Nee? Doen dan! Je vindt 'm hier

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday in Hungary

Hi guys!

Holidays ended not even a week ago, but it feels like ages ago already. I just started my study arts & economics in Utrecht, and so far I'm enjoying myself there. It's actually a very, very bad place for me to study: the faculty is based in the center of Utrecht. As you might know I'm a huge shopping addict. Let's hope I won't buy too much, but the past two days (I know, that's not a lot, but hey it's something!) have gone pretty good. Plus, I'm a poor student now, so I don't even have a lot of money for new clothes or shoes or bags or jewellery...

But enough about that now. The 29th of August, we went back from Hungary to the Netherlands. It was an amazing holiday, probably one of the best in my life. We had so much fun, too bad it's back-to-school time now! Here are some pics of our holiday. I've also got a bathing suit post for you guys! I bought the most amazing bathing suit at River Island, I can't wait to show you guys, but I still have to sort out all of the pics, so stay tuned! ;-)

What's on the pics?
delicious cakes @ Siofok // crocodile canoes at lake Balaton // I also want a pink house! // 41 degrees Celsius :-O // lake Balaton + Rinske & me haha // true love he he

Have a nice evening guys!

X Saskia