Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're Light as a Feather

This is the last set of pictures of the photoshoot I did Sunday the 13th of November with photographer Pieter Opmeer :). The light colors match the sand perfectly!! :) I also love the head band. Bought it at H&M for only 2 euros and it's so nice and warm!!

what I'm wearing:
H&M skirt, worn as dress // unknown socks // H&M headband

Ohhh and tomorrow I'll be going to the Filippa K shopping night with my friend Vyvian!! She won a 'ticket' to go there via ELLE.nl, and she could take one person with her. I'm sooo thrilled that she's taking me!! I can't really afford anything (even though they've got an exclusive sale for us!) in the store I guess, because I spent all my money on Versace for H&M (ghe he) but I'm still so excited!!

Of course I'll take my camera with me, so there'll be pics of the shopping night right here on my blog soon! :)

Love xx,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shopping: Versace for H&M

what, oh, what could possibly be inside this gorgeous shopping bag???

as you might have noticed just yet, I went to the H&M store in Rotterdam today! Their Versace for H&M collection was launched today. Unfortunately I couldn't go there early in the morning because of school.. But I went at about 11 o' clock. It was still extremely crowded in the store, and lots of the pieces were already sold out.. The pieces I wanted were sold out, so I bought a pair of SHOES!

Myyyy gosh they're sooo pretty! Hadn't even noticed them before I saw them standing there, asking me to try them on... Yes, the shoes were talking to me, haha. No, just kidding. But I realllly wanted them. So I tried them on, fell even more in love and soon found myself outside the store with a huge Versace for H&M shopping bag.

Then my lovely sister told me she ordered the items I was craving for online. Pictures of those items will be online as soon as they arrive! :) Today was a perfect day. Then my mother also just came home with thermo leggings.. I'm wearing them now and they are just ah-ma-zing haha!

So now you're probably curious about the shoes I bought, right? Well, here are my new lovely babies!!

Were you able to buy anything of the collection?

Love xx,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bodies in the Sand

Hi guys!

This is the second look of the photoshoot I had last Sunday with photographer Pieter Opmeer! :) I love the way all the black looks with the light color of the sand. I have one more look for you, which is particularly different from this look, haha, but I won't spill too much for now! I hope you guys like this look! :)

What I'm wearing:
Episode hat // Miss London sweater (borrowed it from my sister) // DIY ripped leggings // Primark heels

Wearing heels on a beach is NOT comfortable haha! I kind of knew that already before I decided to take the heels with me for this look, but hey, they look good don't they?

Love xx,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In The Wind

Hi guys!!

Had a photoshoot today with friend & photographer Pieter Opmeer! We went to the beach of Hoek van Holland. It was pretty windy out there and I was extreeeemely cold after the shoot, but it was so worth it!! I took three different outfits with me. Today I'll show you the first shoot!

I'm wearing a ballet leotard with a home made skirt and my Van Haren heels :) Hope you like the shots!

Love xx,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Can with Kenzo

Hi guys!

Here are some pics of what I wore today! I'm wearing my Kenzo blazer which I bought in Paris last year for €40 in the cutest vintage store ever! :) I'm so in love with it, even though I'm not wearing it that often. As it's kind of oversized, it sometimes looks strange to wear it on a dress.

I'm also wearing Zara pants, a Blanco top, Van Haren heels and an Episode hat. Oh and you might have noticed that my hand's injured.. It happened two weeks ago, and as I had a testweek last week I haven't been able to give it some rest.. So now I'm wearing this compression bandage to release pressure on my hand. Hope it will be over soon!!

Love xx,