Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sky High

Hello lovely readers!!

Today I'm going on holiday! Again? Yes, again!! Sometimes I really love my life haha ;-) This time, I'm going to the beautiful Hungary with my girlfriend and her mother. We went there last year as well, as they own a house in a small town called Adand. I'll be gone for three weeks, but every week I've got one post planned for you! And prepare yourselves, they'll be great (as I may say so myself). I've got one brand spotlight, and an outfit post featuring something from that very brand, and then last but not least, a post I created with the website STYLIGHT. If you want to know more about this website, I also have some information about it in the blogpost you can find by clicking here!

STYLIGHT also has a commercial now! Have you seen it yet? Check it out on Youtube, right here. Plus: they also have an iPhone app now! For those lucky girls who own an iPhone or iPad, go download it in your app store. The unlucky bastards like me, owning an Android phone, will have to wait a bit longer. Of course I'll keep you posted on this, and you'll hear from me when the Android app releases!

And now about this post. I wore this outfit to the Modefabriek event, but I shot the outfit pics a day later with a very good friend of mine: Meindert. He might be my bestest friend, he's always there for me and we can have so much fun toghether. So here's a shoutout to you Meindert: I love you!! You're the best, and I hope we'll be friends forever!

And now really about the outfit I'm wearing: I checked out these pictures on my camera, and until then I hadn't realized how crazy tall this outfit made me look. I'm wearing this skirt in my waist, which always gives your legs more length, but because of the maxi skirt, it's super crazy. I won't keep you any longer: here are the pics!

I'm wearing:
Vero Moda top // H&M skirt // H&M heels

Do you notice how my bracelet (which I got at Modefabriek) matches my top? ;-) And on the last pic, you see me working my charming look.

Have a happy holiday guys, and I hope you'll come back for my I'm-on-holiday-but-still-giving-you-posts posts!

See you guys over three weeks!

♥ Saskia

P.S. You've just read my 250th post!! Yay bloggie!!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Basic

Here's the very first outfit post from France! During the day, the temperatures were quite high, but they could lower during the evening. These pics were shot at the beginning of the evening, and that's why you see me wearing a sweater on the beach. It's also quite windy at the beach haha, so this thin sweater was perfect!

H&M sweater // Only shorts // slippers (visible on the last pic) bought in Greece

On the last pic, you can already see a small part of a bathing suit. We decided to take two shoots at once, an outfit shoot and a bathing suit shoot, so I was already wearing it underneath my sweater. We took lots and lots of pics from the bathing suit, as it was extremely photogenic (seriously, you'll see) and the water near the rocks was just perfect!!

How's your holiday so far? :-)

♥ Saskia


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mixed Prints

Here's what I wore to the Amsterdam Fashion Week! It was a sunny day, so I decided to go for my black H&M shorts, paired with some new stuff I bought in Barcelona. I've been searching for a kimono cardigan like this for ages, so when I finally found a pretty one in Barça, I couldn't stop myself from buying it. I also bought an amazing seethrough bag at the same store.. Curious to see where I bought it? Read on ;-)

I'm wearing:
Stradivarius kimono // H&M top and shorts // Primark necklace // Alpe woman shoes // bracelets from France

And a major thanks to Anna from The Anna-List for taking these pictures for me!! :-) I had a great time with you at Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Have a great day!

♥ Saskia


Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm back from holiday and it's the second Sunday of the month, which means: Instadiary time with special holiday pics!!! Yay! Are you excited? Well, I am, because as you're reading this, I'm on my way to Amsterdam (with my extremely tanned skin, ahem ahem) for two shows at the Amsterdam Fashion Week!! How cool is this: back from holiday and immediately back to blogging business with events like this. And tomorrow I'll be going to the Modefabriek, and the weather in the Netherlands isn't even that bad, so I'm a happy happy person.

I've got lots of pics for you, so I'm gonna do this a little bit different. I'll put the descriptions of the pics just below one collage. Do tell me whether you like this kind of lay-out better than the old one, which you can check out right here!

1. The weather in the Netherlands was good, for a change!!! So these are my legs,with my favorite bird shorts from Blanco.
2. If you'd like yourself a good holiday read: read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
3. I was even wearing a bathing suit, that's how good the weather was!!
4. My new boots from Sarenza came in the mail, I love them
5. Fashion show time!! Check out a post I wrote about it here
6. Me working the runway! My mother took this pic.

1. Me working the runway again in a tableaux vivant (I'm the second one). Pic by
2. Peter Stigter took pictures during the show, which made it even cooler.
3. I found a lot of money on the street. These 10 cents are the start of my millions.
4. After a couple of sunny days, the weather decided to go all rainy again. Yay.
5. Time for some DIY!! Check out the result here
6. Bought this extremely cute shower cap at Paperchase :-)

1. Holiday pics!! Enjoying the sun at the swimming pool
2. My new and much needed phone case, which I bought in France. My screen broke twice already, so I hope this baby will prevent that from happening ever again....
3. Our hotel room in Barcelona. Yes, we also visited Barcelona! It was only two hours away from where we stayed in France, so we had a two-day-counting city trip to Barca
4. We also visited my favorite museum in the world: the Dali Museum in Figueres. This is my favorite piece of art. It can actually beat like a real heart....... Breathtakingly beautiful.
5. I celebrated getting older (I'm 19 now) the 9th of July. These were my amazing gifts: a camera bag, a 50-200 lens and these gorgeous babies from Sacha. I'm spoiled.
6. I'm a shoe addict, so in my holiday, which lasted 12 days, I got myself three new pairs of shoes (one birthday gift). Bought the sandals at Zara in Barcelona, and the leopard beauties at Figueres.

If you'd like to see these pics the moment I upload them to Instagram, you can follow me by searching for my username, which is @saskiavanrij. Hope to see you there guys! :-)

And, important: I made a mistake in one of my posts. Do you remember how I proudly showed you the pictures of the shoot I had with the designs from Judith van den Eijnden? Well, I wrote her name as Judith van der Eijnden, which isn't her name. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I changed the title of the post and her name in the entire post :-)

♥ Saskia


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Eye Espadrilles

Before I went to France, I was home alone for one week. And besides partying like hell (no, just joking) I did a lots and lots of DIYs or I made some plans for DIYs. I saw a picture of Sabrina from AfterDRK on her Instagram feed wearing espadrilles with eyes printed on them, and I instantly fell in love with this creative idea! And when I saw some espadrilles in store for only €5,99 (!) I realised this was meant to be (oh, how emotional), and I bought the espadrilles and some paint.

Here's what you'll need
- Espadrilles (bought mine at Blokker)
- Shoelace
- Fabric paint
- Paint brush
- Paper and a pen

Step 1. Tie the lace around your espadrille to make the surface you want to paint flat. This will make it easier to apply the fabric paint to the shoe.

Not on the pics, but also a step that helped me a lot: I painted an eye on a piece of paper before I started drawing it on the shoe. This way it was easier for me to get two eyes of the same size. All I had to do for the second, closed eye, was just turn the paper around and there was my second, perfectly sized and shaped, eye!

Step 2. Start painting the eye on the shoe. At first I wanted to use black fabric paint to give the eye a pupil, but then I figured that I could give it a real touch of "me" if I didn't draw a pupil on it. So I just drew the eye, the iris, and the eyelashes and then went on to the other eye! Be careful with the first eye: you definitely don't want your eyelashes to go the wrong way!! This is what happened to me. To fix it, I used a bit of Biotex. Thank god for Biotex!!

Step 3. Draw the second eye on the shoes. This eye is closed for the wink, so you don't have to draw an iris in it! Just draw some eyelashes on the bottom of the eye and you're all done!

Step 4. Wear them with pride! I think the striped side of the espadrille gives another nice touch to it. When I bought my espadrilles, at first I was really happy with them, but then I thought: "oh no, I'm so so stupid!! I just bought black shoes and I have to draw the eye on it with black paint. Then I thought: why do i have to do that? Can't I just get another color for the outline? At the craft shop it all worked out fine: the golden paint caught my eye, they had only one pot of it left, and it was perfect!! Do you like the golden outline, or would you prefer lighter shoes with a black outline of the eye?

Are you gonna try this yourselves?

♥ Saskia


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Designer: Judith van den Eijnden

Judith van den Eijnden is a second year fashion design student at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Her designs are wearable and oh, they fit amazing!! Her inspiration came from different angles. At the academy, they first had to create their designs by creating different collages, after which she made some sketches. They also worked with different fabrics to create new prints, and that is how the nuts on the pantsuit and the clutch came to her mind. A third technique they used, was molding. This is when you drape your fabric around a mannequin, to see how the fabric fits around a body, and how it works. After using these three techniques, she made her final sketches and that's how she created these pieces!

I just didn't want to take the pants of, the fabric was so soft and nice! I love the loose fit, and the sleeves of the top are great as well. The fabrics she used are from Dries van Noten and Ann de Meulenmeester.

Unfortunately, I can't show you the entire pantsuit. The model didn't want the pictures to be published all over the place, and of course I respected that. You can see some of the details though, and the fabrics are also visible. I love the clutch with the nuts on them, it's such a brilliant idea! I would definitely carry it around all day. The color she painted them in is great, don't you think?

Besides this photoshoot, I also had a photoshoot with the designs of Lieve van de Beek. If you've read my blog the last couple of weeks, you've probably seen the runway photos, and on one of these photos you can see the designs of Lieve. Stay tuned for a post similar to this one, but then with the pics and designs of Lieve!

♥ Saskia


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY Marc Jacobs Pave Necklace

Here's another DIY I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. I saw it once on Modestelle and fell in love with the simplicity of the idea, but also the amazing look of a pave on a necklace. So thank you Modestelle and Marc Jacobs for this idea! :-)

What you'll need
- A hardware nut
- Rhinestones
- Jewelery glue
- Jewelery pliers
- Tweezers
- Necklace chain
- Lobster clasp and jump ring

Step 1. Put glue on the nut. Be careful: jewelery glue can come out of the tube very easily!!

Step 2. Put a little bit of glue on the hardware nut for each rhinestone you put on it. I used very small stones, so I had to use tweezers to put them on the right way.

Step 3. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the entire nut is full of rhinestones! Then let it dry for a bit. While you let it dry, you can watch TV, or you can already move on to step 4, where you'll attach the lobster clasp and jump ring to the end of the necklace chains!

Step 4. Cut the chain in half and put a lobster clasp on one of the ends (using the jewelery pliers) and a jump ring on the other half.

Step 5. Thread the chain through the nut and attach the loose end to the chain. This will make the front of your nut really be showing on your necklace. If you just put the necklace through the nut, it'll turn a quarter and the front will not be in the front. This sounds a bit stupid, but you'll just have to try it to understand it haha!

Thread the other half of the necklace through the nut the same way. Make sure they are attached at the same height, to make it look symmetric.

And here's the result!

I Always have a hard time doing these DIY's in English haha, it's still a bit hard to explain exactly what I did, and make it sound understandable... But if you have any questions about this, please ask and I'll try to answer in a more understandable way! ;-)

By the way: I didn't really do this myself. I took the pictures while my girlfriend did the crafting. I have stupid eyes that won't let me see very good, especially depth, so using tweezers, jewelery pliers and doing some very precise work isn't really my cup of tea. I really love the result of this necklace, and I'd love to know what you think about it!!

♥ Saskia