Thursday, February 23, 2012

Les Fou Rires Incontrôlés

Some outfit pictures I took today! I wasn't very cold even though I'm not wearing my cardigan haha. The weather here is getting better, after the snow and extremely cold temperatures. It's promising! I'll also promise to post more outfit pictures, as I've been extremely absent the last couple of weeks... I had some busy weeks at school, but as they're almost over, I'll probably have more time for blogging :)

xo Saskia!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Violins and Orchids

Hi guys!

These are the pictures I took for the Pantyhose Party interview!

What I'm wearing:
Lanvin for H&M dress // H&M tights // Versace for H&M heels

These pictures represent some of my loves. Orchids are my favourite flowers, they're so pretty!! Also I've played the violin for 6 years, then I quit, which I still kinda regret.. This violin is pretty, right? :) Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as good as it looks haha, as it was verrrrry cheap for a violin.. I would love to own a better violin, but as I don't have that much money, I guess I'm gonna have to use this one for some time! ;)

I hope you like the pictures, and be sure to check out Pantyhose Party, it's very inspirational!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lovely Knitwear

Hi guys!

This is the knit sweater I was wearing today. My mother bought it for me yesterday, I'm so happy with it! It's nice and warm, perfect for the weather here in the Netherlands... A couple of days ago, snow started falling out of the skies, so it's been freezing cold here! I'm longing for spring!

Zara sweater / River Island blouse

I'll post the never-seen-before pictures shown in this interview on Saturday!