Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shopping: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

"Keep Calm and Love Mr Gugu & Miss Go"

A few months ago I ordered some clothing I absolutely adored at the Polish website Mr Gugu & Miss Go. I ordered a swimsuit with a print of the birth of Venus (check it out in this post & also here) and a skirt I've been searching for for ages. So I checked the prices and I was amazed to see that I could actually afford these gorgeous items!! As fast as I could, I put them in my online shopping basket and went to the check out. I was super happy with my new purchases, but then it took quite a while for the items to arrive...

I checked my profile at the website again, and it turned out my order was canceled. So I sent Mr Gugu & Miss Go an e-mail and this was the beginning of a long, long e-mail conversation. Turned out, the workers of the website missed the order, as I payed from the Netherlands and I bought the items on a Polish website.. Technical talk, I guess. Then we had some more talk through e-mails and second bummer was that they didn't make the Venus swimsuit anymore. They had some problems with the graphics... Too bad, but the people over at Mr Gugu & Miss Go are amazing, as they showed me very fast which swimsuits they were still making, so I chose one. And they said they were gonna send me a gift as a compensation for the whole situation. "Ohh that's so nice!!" I thought.

And oh yes, they were nice. Very nice. They sent me 2 (two!!) bathing suits instead of one, and a button shown above (quite a great motto for the entire situation, don't you think?). Now all I've got to say is:

Thank you so much Mr Gugu & Miss Go for the compensation!!

What's on the pics?
galaxy swimsuit, cloudy swimsuit (not available anymore) and elephant skirt

The items look a little bit strange on the pics, that's because of my mannequin. She hasn't got a long enough body for the skirt so I had to use cardboard to not have it look even stranger. :-) I also had to use a small piece of cardboard on the bottom of the fitting doll, as it got a little bit too used over the years so she looks like she has a cameltoe if I don't use the cardboard haha.

How do you like these items?? Have a nice weekend guys! :-)

XX Saskia


Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY beaded heels

Hi guys!

A couple of months ago I stumbeled upon this DIY for the Burberry beaded heels from the resort collection of 2012 (check out the original heels here). I immediately fell in love, but didn't have the supplies so I decided to put them in my so called "big book of DIY". I really recommend you all to create such a thing for yourselves. Just open a word document and put all the DIYs that inspire you in it. Don't forget to put the link with it, so you'll never forget where you got the DIY from. It's a great way to save DIYs for the future!

A week or so ago I got some beads from my girlfriend Rinske and a couple of days after that I started on my heels. Here are the pics and steps I took!

What you'll need:
- Heels
- Beads (pick any color you like)
- Thread (you can see a gold kind of thread on the pic, but I ended up using black!)
- Scissors

Step 1.
Tie the thread around the shoe. With the shoe I used it was quite easy to find a pretty place to tie my thread around. I put the tie underneath the strap to cover everything up nicely. After this, just start stringing the beads until the thread is full. Attach the thread the same way on the other side of the shoe when you're finished.

Tip: you can measure the lenght of your thread by first attaching the thread to the shoe. I followed the steps from A Pair & a Spare first, making my threads only 15cm, but they were way too short. So make sure your thread is long enough to go from side to side before you cut it ;-)!

Step 2.
Tie the second thread around the first one, and then start stringing your beads again. Do the same on the other side of the shoe when you're finished.

Step 3.
When you've finished stringing your beads and when you've got everything attached to the shoe, cut away the loose threads. This will give your shoe a nice finishing touch.

Et voilĂ !
Your shoes are finished!

What do you think? I did my DIY a bit different than Geneva from A Pair & a Spare did, so now you can choose from two types of this DIY haha! Are you gonna try it too? I'd love to see your results!!

X Saskia


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shopping: Summer buys

Hi guys!

About two weeks ago I had a massive shopping trip with my mother and sister. I didn't want to buy too much, as I told myself I want to save money. Well, turns out I can't keep myself to saving money. I spent a lot. But I'm still happy with all of my items so then it's ok, right? Right??

What's on the pics?
1. From left to right: H&M conscious collection top // Pull & Bear jeans // H&M conscious collection top no. 2 // Zara dress. Above: Zara hat
2. Zara coat. Already posted in on Instragram, with the message "I came, I saw, I fell in love"
3. H&M Conscious Collection heels
4. H&M lace shoes

What do you think of the things I bought? Luckily the weather is getting better in the Netherlands, so I hope I'll be able to wear these lovely things soon. And now I really have to stop spending money.

X Saskia

"Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on"
~ Ella Fitzgerald


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Suit 'n Shorts

Hi guys!

Yesterday I attended the Cream PR bloggers event, which was all about DIY. We had the chance to have a tiny winy photoshoot with our favorite items from e.g. Summum Woman. Picking the items was quite hard, they had so many items, and lots of them had amazing prints. And you might have noticed that I love prints. Floral prints especially.

Eventually I picked a lovely floral suit with shorts, and combined it with the top I was already wearing. I found some great heels (so lucky they were my size!!) to finish the look. Hope you guys like it!!

What I'm wearing:
Summum Woman shorts & blazer // H&M top // Edith & Ella heels

What do you think of these items? And of the shorts suit itself? I absolutely love it, and I'll definitely be searching for a suit like this for a long, long time. But first: saving money!

More pics of this amazing event will come soon! Thank you so much Cream PR for the amazing evening! :-)

Have a nice day guys!

X Saskia