Thursday, November 14, 2013


Instadiary time! Want to know what I did last month?

1. A black and white picture. See it in full color in my post about
2. One more picture of my propadeutic ceremony :-)
3. On our first (not so very official) date, Rinske and I ate Spongebob toasted bread
4. Throwback to this post of August 2, 2012
5. Candles to make my room a bit more cozy :-)My bright orange wall actually looks kinda good with candle light haha
6. This was a repost from Cara Delevigne's account @caradelevigne .

1. I got some cute drawings at work, which I of course pinned to my wall. Well, I taped them to my wall.
2. This is the very cutest lipbalm you'll ever see! I bought it at the DA
3. Fall outfit. I love my 2-year-old coat from Zara.
4. With my DIY sunglasses! Check the DIY here
5. Everything sparkled at the #dressmas event
6. The gorgeous dress I wore at the event

1. Once again the outfit with the Zara coat. I'm also wearing a Zara bag. Would you believe me if I said Zara is my favorite store? ;-) Check out the entire post here
2. At the #dressmas event again. I just loved the dress haha ;-)
3. Chillin' in the angel onesie I got at the #dressmas event
4. I did my girlfriend Rinske's hair. What do you think: yay or nay?
5. Last year's Christmas outfit. I've got something nice planned for you for this Christmas again! You'll here more about it soon!
6. I've been actively posting to About My Style again. Amazing website. I almost always use throwback pictures for it though. I should start taking some new pics...

What have you been up to lately?

♥ Saskia


Friday, November 8, 2013

Red Carpet Worthy

These shoes. The dress that I wore with these shoes. The necklace I wore with these shoes.... My oh my oh my oh my. I'm so in love. I wore this at the event I attended last week. Want to see this definitely red carpet worthy dress and necklace?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY embellished flower sunglasses

image from Dolly Bow Bow

Floral sunglasses. I came across some pairs on Instagram a while ago, and ever since that moment, I haven't stopped thinking about doing a DIY on them. So I took some time, some glue, some glasses and some flowers to try and get some happy glasses.

Why make some sunglasses now, when fall has started over a month ago? Well, this is the time when the sun isn't that high in the sky, but it still shines quite bright. So when driving, or riding your bike, or walking on the street, you're sometimes blinded by the sunlight, especcially later in the afternoon. And that's why you really need sunglasses now: to prevent accidents from happening (I may have exaggerated that a little bit, but I bet it happens with car drivers).

Want to know how my happy glasses turned out, and how I did it?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall's Glory

Last week I went to take pictures in Pretty Utrecht with my friend Nora. We hadn't spoken in ages so it was great catching up with her! Want to see what I wore that very day?