Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi guys!

Haven't updated my blog in quite some time (again..)! As you might have read, I had my first exams last Friday and Monday. We spent the rest of our week in Hilversum, working on a project. Tomorrow will be the last day of this project, after which 'normal school life' will start again. I'm sorry for not posting any outfit pics in a very, very, very long time! I come home late every day, so it's already too dark outside to take outfit pics.. I hope I'll have more time next week!

Here's another instagram update. You can follow me via the link below this post. My username's saskiavanrij. I'll also post lots of my instagram pics on my twitter account!

What's in the pics?
1. summer outfit // 2. on my wrist // 3. Bvlgari drawing // 4. outfit // 5. September issues // 6. blue skies, oh how I want them back! // 7. smiling strawberries // 8. my doggie // 9. our fish // 10. Hungarian pie // 11. outfit // 12. Dress in the making // 13. River Island bathing suit // 14. nailpolish and rings // 15. Finding Nemo, favorite movie! // 16. winter wishlist // 17. I want to go to Disney Land Paris! // 18. phone case // 19. phone case // 20. L'├ęcole National // 21. Modefabriek outfit // 22. art in a book // 23. read this blog! :-) // 24. galaxy top outfit

Lots of pics haha, and this isn't even everything! I've got to keep this instadiary up a bit more haha.

X Saskia!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Neon Necklace

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a necklace in sale at H&M, but I never really wore it. It has a quite classy look, so it can make an outfit very neat. Then I thought about the neon trend taking over.. Why not give this necklace a little neon touch, to make it edgier and less neat? Well, that's what I did. I searched and searched for a neon spray paint (which I eventually found at Formido, a Dutch construction market) and then started spraying! Want to know how to create a necklace like this? Well then, here we go.

What you'll need
- Your necklace
- Spray paint
- Tape to cover the parts you don't want to spray
- Newspapers
- Hairspray

Follow these easy steps to create your neon necklace!
1. Cover the parts you don't want to color in tape. Make sure you don't see any bead directly next to the one you want to spray, to prevent these beads from being colored. You can just wrap some tape around the other beads, as we're also gonna cover this in a newspaper or anything else you'd like to use (an old towel / t-shirt / ...)

2. Go outside! You don't want to cover your entire house in neon. Put a newspaper underneath your necklace and the towel / t-shirt / extra newspaper over your necklace. Then start spraying. I sprayed about 3 layers on the beads.

3. Let it dry. You can spray some hairspray over the paint when it's completely dry, to seal your paint.

4. Wear it proudly! :-)

Of course you can also do this with any kind of object you'd like to spray. Personally, I'd love to spray the heel or toe caps of a pair of heels / flats / whatever type of shoe. Are you planning on doing a neon DIY? I'd love to know what you're gonna do and how it turned out! Of course you'll see any other neon DIY's from my hands as soon as they're completed ;-)

X Saskia


Friday, October 5, 2012

Green Galaxy

Hi guys!

Here's what I wore today. I bought this galaxy print top Wednesday on sale at WE. The weahter here in the Netherlands has really been fall-like. It's raining, it's getting colder, and what I really don't like: it's still dark when I have to go to school (at 7 a.m.). The darkness almost screams to me: "it's way too early!! You should still be in bed!!" But apart from waking up early, school has been good so far! I've also found a job, so I'm earning some money again haha. Oh, by the way, have you guys noticedmy twitter page already? I just started it so I'm still working on it! I'll be posting all my Instagram pics on this page, but I'll also post an Instagram post again soon! ;-) Well, I won't keep you any longer, here are the pics!!

What I'm wearing:
WE top // H&M shorts // Bullboxer + DIY heels // vintage bracelet

Have a nice evening and weekend, I'm off to my friends to have a catching-up-dinner!

X Saskia