Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Duper Wall

this is what I wore to the ANSH46 event! I wore my Van Haren heels and this brand new dress. And guess who made it, my dear followers? Yes! It's me!! :)

I do have one nice tip for when you ever want to create a dress yourself.. Never do it when you have to hurry!! This dress wasn't really finished an hour before I had to go to the event. I still had to put a zipper in. So I decided that I had time to put that zipper in, do my hair, iron the dress, put it on, search for the right shoes......... Do a lot in an hour, to shorten the story.

So when I went to the train station on my bike, I suddenly felt a small rip on my back.. At first I thought the zipper went down a bit, but then I realized that the dress was ripping.. Luckily it wasn't torn apart completely, but just a little bit on top. It stayed on all night and didn't rip any further. :)

I've been studying all day today. My testweek is coming up this week, so I'll probably be posting even less than I already do (ok yeah I should seriously start posting more often, I know)... Hope you guys will enjoy your week haha!

Love xx,

Monday, October 17, 2011

No need to Complicate

What I'm wearing:
H&M top // Zara skirt // Christmas decoration used as a belt // Primark heels

Here are some pictures I took about a month (or two..) ago - oops. Completely forgot to upload them!!

My holidays have started today. :) That's something I really needed! Went to this huge secondhand store in town today, Het Goed, and bought an ELLE blazer and a nice scarf for the winter. I also saw an amazing black fake fur coat which only costs €16,50!! It's an H&M coat, so the original price would have been about 60 euros.. I didn't buy it though but I think I might regret it..

What do you think.. Should I go back tomorrow and buy it?

Love xx,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was pretty bored today, and as the weather wasn't very good I could not go out and take outfit pictures.. So I decided to put on some make-up and be creative with Christmas decoration and take some pictures haha! This is what came out! Hope you guys like it, haha! :)

Love xx,

The Strokes - Heart in a Cage

Monday, October 10, 2011

Qui Tu Aimes

This is what I wore today!
H&M military jacket // Vila dress // Hema tights // Zara socks

Had lots and lots of things to do today again: first school, then right when I came home I had to grab my stuff and eat something before I'd go to ballet. Then after ballet I had to go to singing class, and then ballet again. I'm glad I found some time to take these pictures today!

Well I'm gonna get some sleep now, as my day was pretty tiring and tomorrow will be another busy day! I'm going to see the preparation for Wicked the musical, because it's finally coming to Holland! Of course I'll take my camera with me so I can show you guys how we "greenified" the theatre and made Scheveningen ready for Wicked! :D

Love xx,

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi guys!

The weather has been a-ma-zing the last couple of days! It feels like summer... Kind of strange though: I was walking through town, in my short dress and the sun shining all bright and lovely, while leaves were falling off the trees.. It actually has something magic about it.

As the weather was gorgeous today as well, me and my friend Ashley decided to go on a little picnick. So we went to the supermarket and bought some food and drinks and went to a park, where we sat and talked all day long. :) And this is what I wore today!

H&M skirt // vintage top // Swedish Hasbeens H&M shoes

Love xx,