Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Historic Pink

Top (Blanco), skirt and blazer(H&M), hat (H&M men's wear)

I think I'm gonna be wearing lots of hats again this spring / summer. I love them. Gotta find some more!! I've got the exact same hat in white, a Bijenkorf hat and a black hat, but I consider the black hat as a winter-hat. Do you guys have any recommendations on where to go for cute, cheap hats? :)

I've got my maths test tomorrow!! I'm terrified. I'm gonna go babysitting tonight (first time, lucky he's 5 years old and usually doesn't wake up at night!!), so I'm gonna have lots of time to study then (2 straight hours should be enough, right???)!

Just studying tonight won't be enough, so I'm gonna go back now!

Love, Saskia

Monday, March 28, 2011

Break Out

Taking a break from studying again! It's time to relax a little bit and not translate Latin texts for half an hour. That means it's time to show you what I'm wearing!

I'm wearing a green Zara skirt today (I actually wanted to combine it with pink: colour blooooock!!!! But eventually I didn't, as you can see haha). I combined it with a white top. I sewed a bow on it this morning. The bow is actually supposed to be put in your hair, but I figured it would be nice on a top as well! :) I'm also carrying my Jimmy Choo for H&M clutch ♥

I'm gonna go back to Dido & Aeneas (the two people we've been reading about last couple of weeks, haha) now!

Big love,

Oh by the way, could you guys vote for me please? I'm participating in a contest called "Concours Blog de l'année 2011", in English: they're looking for the blogger of the year 2011. And that's who I wanna be. Or at least I want to make it to the first page!! So follow this link:

Concours Blog de l'année 2011 - Cosmopolitan.fr

And scroll down! Click the "Je vote" button, tick the checkbox and click "je valide". Then you see a "VOTÉ" button. Thank you very much!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Some of the things I find, read and lohohove!"

Next week: testweek. Starting off with History, ending with English. In between of those 2 test I've got 7 more tests. So that means that I'm gonna study like hell for the next 6 days. Can't wait for Friday to come, when I'm all done... It'll be one, big, amazing, hour-taking party.

I'm taking a small break from studying right how, because it's not human to study 8 straight hours long. While I'm studying, my thoughts often go somewhere else. And when I'm taking a break, my fingers type the urls of amazing blogs. I'm gonna show you some of the things I find, read and lohohove!

This makes me wonder why I'm not the owner of a pair of red knee highs...

The looks of this girl are all amazing. I'm falling in love again everytime I read one of her posts :)

Colour blocking is what we all should do this season. And she convinced me to do it. So I'm gonna go shopping next week. Zara is the place to be if you want to buy coloured skirts, dresses, jeans.. You name it, they sell it.

Well it's time to go back to my books now, so I'm gonna leave you guys and commit myself to studying for another hour!! What a life.

Big love,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Basket Full of Fruit

I really felt like spring today, haha. The weather was amazing, I wish it could be like this every day (OK maybe just a little bit more of a summer-temperature, I really LOVE summer so the temperature should be 25 degrees or higher everyday, if it was up to me).

What I'm wearing:
Dress - H&M
Tights - Vero Moda
Cardigan - Zara
Shoes - H&M
Sunglasses - bought in Rome

Big love,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Precious Red

What I wore today: my precious Kenzo blazer, bought in Paris!

Big love,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

With Love,

This is what I wore today! I went to take pictures again after school (we sneaked out earlier haha, our teacher was gone anyway, so why should we have stayed? :P).

Well I'm gonna study now for tomorrow's French test!

Big love,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fashion & Simplicity in Paris

So here's my big surprise. The last day (I'm actually pretty sad I went just three days... But that's only a good reason to go to Paris again soon!) in Paris, we first went to visit the Notre Dame, I love the church, it's so gorgeous! After this, my mother and I walked through les Tuileries. The weather was gorgeous, I even took my coat off!

Then suddenly saw a crowd of people, and so we went there to check it out. Turns out it was a crowd of bloggers and other fashionable people (including bag ladies - on the first picture on the right, with the white maxi skirt - who also looked great). I was too excited to take lots of pictures, because I just kept looking and looking and looking. My eyes almost fell out, haha. But luckily, my mother took pictures. Seeing all those people standing in front of the Viktor and Rolf show (which was probably going on allready, not sure but I think so according to the music we heard..) made me realise how much I wish to be able to go to a Paris Fashion Week show. It made me realise how big my dream to be a fashion professional is. But enough talking for now, I'm gonna show you the pictures! (I don't have that much pictures, but it's enough, I think haha)

And this is what I wore that very day!

Pictures taken in front of a door near Place de la Concorde :)

Big love,


This is what I wore today! My neck hurts like hell, and so does my back, so I'm totally stiff, but I tried to cover it up as well as I could in the pictures. I actually had a pretty rough time climbing up that tree in the third picture haha! This outfit isn't the surprise I was talking about yesterday, that'll be my next post. I'll probably start working on it as soon as this post is done haha. I won't keep you guys waiting too long!
By the way: notice the pretty details on my pants in the last picture! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, in Paris (bought it at Zara for 50 €). I didn't try it on that moment, but when I saw someone buying it, I thought: "I gotta have it too." So I bought it at the next Zara store my mom and I went to, haha. I love it!

What I'm wearing:
Blouse - Lanvin for H&M
Top - Only
Pants & bag - Zara
Shoes - Andre

Love, Saskia

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Second Day In Par(ad)is(e)

This wall says "I love you" in 133 different languages. We found the Dutch "Ik hou van je" after about half an hour, haha

The Montparnasse Tower

Marc by Marc Jacobs ballerinas

Don't we all love carousels?

pink cars, how amazing is that? :D

And now my outfit of the second day in Paris! :) I'm wearing a H&M Skirt and a H&M jacket. I'm also wearing Blanco ballerinas!

Tomorrow I'll give you the pictures of my last day in Paris, plus what I saw of the fashion week! Ofcourse I didn't see any shows (but oh how I wanted to see at least one of them!), but I did see something else....... I'm not gonna tell you guys yet what I saw exactly, because I want to keep it a surprise. It's not that special, but it did give me some inspiration....... You guys know it yet?? No? Well, keep guessing then, and I'll show my pictures tomorrow! :D

Big love,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Day in my Future Hometown

Our hotel in Montmartre, Paris. The location was just perfect! Our view from the hotel room was also great: we could see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Montparnasse Tower and more.

Delicious: a cheese hotdog. Really: you HAVE to taste it, it's simply delicious!

Fooling around in a store in Les Quatre Temps, la Défense.

L'église de Saint Jean de Montmartre, a church near metro station Abesses. The details of this church were gorgeous!

"Man in the Wall", a tribute to the writer Marcel Aymé, located in Montmartre

And here are the outfit pictures my mom took of me on the first day. I'm telling you, it was actually a little bit like coming home again. I know it for sure now, I'm gonna move to Paris after I graduated from whatever study I'll take! So here are my outfit pictures, taken on La Grande Arche and in front of the beautiful church of Saint Jean de Montparnasse.

What I'm wearing:
Coat & dress - Vero Moda
Tights, socks & sunglasses - H&M
Bag - Kringloopwinkel
Shoes - Blanco
Scarf - River Island

Love, Saskia