Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I'm wearing:
Lanvin for H&M blouse // Zara pants // Sacha heels // Fashionology necklace // Rinske's bag

High heels. Something we haven't seen on my blog for quite some time. Well, OK, I wore heels to Fashion Week this year, but it feels like ages ago to me. These beauties were a birthday present from my girlfriend Rinske, who also took the pictures of this post and last post, featuring my Inkkas sneakers.

Also something that never fails: menswear. I loved this blouse from Lanvin for H&M the minute I noticed it in stores, so I took it with me into the fitting room and already decided I had to buy it before I even tried it on. And it has never let me down. It's a great blouse, it's comfortable, it looks good, it's oversized. I love it.

Have you got some pretty items from the men's departments?

♥ Saskia

P.S. Pics turned out quite blurry, I'm sorry for that!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Sporty Spice

I'm wearing:
Pieces top // H&M shorts // Inkkas shoes // Fashionology necklace

After showing you my new babies in last Thursday's post, I couldn't wait to do an outfit post with them! While going through my closet and fitting some things, I noticed that these shoes (and sneakers in general) make me look quite sporty. It might be because I barely wear sneakers, that I only think they make me look sporty. Whatever it may be, I decided to go for a simple, little bit sporty outfit. I combined my black H&M shorts with a top I bought a while ago at Pieces. I love the loose fitting of this top. I've worn it so much already, but never really showed it on my blog. Well, today is a good start.

Do you like these shoes? You can buy the same ones here, but be sure to check out the entire Inkkas website !

♥ Saskia


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cloud Nine

I'm wearing:
Mr. GUGU & Miss GO bathingsuit

This is one of the two bathing suits I bought at Mr. GUGU & Miss GO, and I love it. I hadn't expected it to be this photogenic. Literally all the pics of the bathing suit looked good, but then along came my face-without-any-make-up. This made it difficult to find any good pictures, but I managed to find four good pictures for you (although I still don't know about the fourth picture...).

Pictures are - just like these and these - taken at the beach in France. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back again. And shop for bathing suits at Mr. GUGU & Miss GO again.

What do you think about this bathing suit? And would you rather wear a bathing suit or a bikini? Let me know! :-)

♥ Saskia


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping: Sneakers & Necklace

Do you remember my post about the amazing brandInkkas? And me stating how my favorites were the "Mojito" shoes, low top? Well, the people over at Inkkas were amazing enough to send me a pair. They apologized before sending them out: international shipping wouldn't be the best, but that wouldn't matter for me: I'd be going on a three weeks taking holiday! So when I'd come home, the shoes would be waiting for me. But international shipping wasn't slow at all. It was quick. I believe it was even in the first week of my holiday that I got a Whatsapp message from my sister, saying a package from Inkkas arrived.

And I absolutely love the shoes. They're so comfortable and eye-catching. I'll be doing an outfit post with them very soon!

Something else I'll be doing an outfit post with, is this lovely necklace. I bought it at the same store where I bought my neon shorts, shown here. They had all sorts of amazing neon items. It's lovely. Two of the stones fell out, but my amazing girlfriend Rinske had a trick (and I think it's a pretty good trick) to cover it up. We just took two stones from the ends of the necklace, and placed them in the missing parts. Had you already noticed the two blue stones missing? Or are you checking it out right now? If you had seen it: oh well, too bad haha, it's not such a good trick after all. If you hadn't seen it: ha!

Do you like these items? Are you excited for the outfit posts? ;-)

♥ Saskia


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Neon, Neon, Neon

I'm wearing:
H&M top // shorts bought in Barcelona // Swarovski necklace // souvenir bracelets

Second holiday outfit post! I bought these shorts at a small store in Barcelona. I also bought an amazing necklace there, which I haven't shown you yet as I haven't had a chance to do it. But it will definitely happen! I just love these shorts. Neon is great if it's not excessively thrown into your face, to say it like that. I love the delicate neon aztec print (I always love aztec print) and the bottom of the pants, with the slightly frayed legs. I finished this look with a kind of flowy top, which I bought last year and still love. It's actually my favorite top. It's great with a blazer or cardigan for winters, but also perfect for summer!

Have you got a neon printed item yourself? And, more importantly: have you enjoyed your holidays?!

♥ Saskia


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Due to my holiday, I've missed second Sunday of the month, but no worries, I'm back since Friday, so I'll just make it a third Sunday of the month Instadiary for once!! Past month has been all about fashion and summer holiday, here we go!

1. I wore these lovely heels (bought in Figueres) to Fashion Week
2. Before the show, after all the ticket drama you can read about here
3. My outfit to Fashion Week! Click here for the entire outfit post!
4. Outfit to the Modefabriek! Entire post here
5. Modefabriek!
6. My press band and goodies matched with my outfit :-)

1. This necklace is so cute!! Bought it in France.
2. My motto.
3. Lovely shoes at Tony Cohen's fashion show
4. Summer kicked in in the Netherlands, so we had this friend in the garden to keep us cooled down!
5. TBT to July 2010, wearing my Jimmy Choo for H&M heels and clutch
6. These Inkkas shoes are AH-MAH-ZING and...... I've got news about them. Stay tuned!

1. Holiday pics! Fireworks in Ádánd, Hungary
2. With Rinske
3. Lake Balaton behind the flowers. No filter, because it doesn't need one.
4. I've taken so many pics like this one this summer, haha.
5. Ridiculously photogenic Meindert, wearing an Are You Swedish? tee. More here
6. Summer souvenirs. Bracelets from France and Hungary.

Next month on the second Sunday of the month again! Besides these Instagram pics, I don't have much outfit posts from Hungary: it was way too hot to wear more than a bikini... So I'll start this week with my outfit posts from France!!

♥ Saskia


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stylight Holiday Summary

I told you guys about STYLIGHT before, but besides using it to share your style, it's also great fun to create a board about your holiday using the items and everything they offer! And that's exactly what I did. I made a summer holiday summary for my holiday in France, and I might also do this for the holiday I'm on right this moment. I bet I'll be sunbathing in the garden now, or playing with the dog, reading magazines, reading books, swimming in Lake Balaton, or anything else you mostly do on holidays. Maybe I'm shopping....... Could be the situation as well.

In the first part of the board, you can see something you've already seen on my blog as well: my basic beach outfit (see the post here). Beside the pic of me you can see shorts from Levis, a sweater from Object, a lace top from Modstrom and a crop top from MET Jeans. With all those items you can create a lovely basic beach outfit like mine. The nice thing about STYLIGHT is that you can buy the items through the website. You can easily click a button which will lead you to a webshop.

Below this you can see something I love so much: printed or embellished shorts. I love the peacock shorts from Bambam. For the other brands, you can follow this link and simply click on the items you'd like to see the brand of. You can also see a preview of a post in which I'm wearing neon shorts. I bought the beauty in Barcelona. For a citytrip to Barcelona you'll probably need some basic items like sunscreen, a hat and definitely a bag which can be closed VERY good. There are so many pickpockets in Barcelona, so be careful for this when you're going!!

Then: a trend I absolutely LOVE. Printed bathing suits. Most of the bathing suits you see in my board are from We Are Handsome. This brand seriously has the BEST printed bathing suits. For those of you who don't like bathing suits, I also put a couple of printed bikinis in the board ;-). And of course you can see my version of this trend. The beach in France is perfect for photoshoots, and this shoot turned out amazingly. You'll definitely see more of the bathing suit I'm wearing, which is from Mr Gugu & Miss Go!

Then last but not least: we visited my all time favorite museum: that of Salvador Dalí in Figueres. I love his art, I've been in love with it since I was about twelve years old. I'll probably love his art forever. That's many many years to come. We visited this museum as well a couple of years ago, but it still doesn't bore me. That's the amazing thing about Salvador Dalí, to me. He tried so many styles, and everything worked. He also created some jewellery, and as my Instagram followers might have already seen, you can see a picture of my favorite piece in this board. It's a heart, and it can actually beat. Like a real heart, indeed. This piece of jewellery can amaze me anytime, but as this would probably be way to expensive, I'd settle for a cute ring like the ones next to it.

Happy holiday guys!! See you in a couple of days for pics from this board, and more pics from my latest holiday to Hungary!!

♥ Saskia


P.S. Have you checked out the amazing commercial Stylight created? It's featuring bloggers like Kenza from Kenzas and Andy from Style Scrapbook. You can also see some people who work at Stylight in the commercial!! I really love it, and you can check it out yourselves as well below!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sophisticated Luxury, Cool Sports

If you've read my latest post, you know quite a bit now about the brand Are You Swedish. But now you can actually see an item of their Cool Sports Collection on me! I'm not the sportiest type, so I didn't really create a sporty outfit. I'm wearing a (super) mini skirt.... Not the thing I would wear if I would ever go sporting, hehe. Meindert did wear a bit sportier outfit, or at least, that's what I think. Men can go sporting in their (swimming) shorts, right? Or am I really such a loser at sports that I don't even know that's extremely not done? Could be...

Meindert is wearing:
AYS?SLC tee // Bershka shorts

I'm wearing:
AYS?SLC tee // Primark skirt // H&M heels

Meindert is such a photogenic guy, don't you think?? I really, really love how these pictures turned out. His style is also amazing. I'm still encouraging him to start his own fashion blog hehe, can you help me with this? ;-)

Do you like this unisex tee? I love how it fits Meindert :-) With me, it's slightly big, but I'm super tiny. Might be the reason why I don't work out as well: I'm super tiny and I don't, I repeat, I really DON'T want to get any smaller. That's the other side of what you always hear, about girls wanting to get thinner. I'm the opposite.

Oh by the way, I do work out, and I actually do sports. I do ballet. Once a week. And that's a full body work out. But I don't do it to get thinner, I do it because I love it. And that's what everyone should do! And that was my speech about sporting.

♥ Saskia