Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fornarina - the Outfit

Here are the outfit photos of Thurday's Fornarina opening! I wore the dress I made myself, also shown here! I also wore my Jimmy Choo for H&M heels.

This spontanuous guy stopped by to take a picture with me, haha!

Love xx

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Dress

This is the dress I promised you guys to show you today! I'll probably be wearing it tonight to the Fornarina event (missed that? Check the invite here!).

I'm so excited for tonight! Luckily I'm feeling good enough to go :) I'm really happy about it, because I've been looking forward to tonight for a long time! I'm still with my head up in the clouds about the Monki party I went to two weeks ago, and now I'm able to go to another party again! I feel so lucky right now!

Love xx

Preview: Low Back

As I told you lately, I really can't just lie in bed all day when I'm sick. I can lie in bed for a few hours, watch a movie, listen to some music, but then I get tired of it. Luckily, I had drawn a dress a couple of days ago and my sewing machine was calling me from the other room, so I got out of bed and started sewing!

I'm not gonna give you the pictures of me wearing the dress yet, haha, but I will show you some preview pics! The pictures of me wearing the dress will be on tomorrow!

See you tomorrow! ;)

Love xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sun's Still There

"Look out the window, the sun's still there behind the clouds of grey,
blue as the day that we found each other we can't let it get away."
- Bailey Tzuke (song name: Strong)

what I'm wearing:
dress worn as skirt (unknown brand) // H&M top // Van Haren heels

I used to listen to songs of Bailey Tzuke all the time, but then I kind of lost them, because I could not find them on any downloading programme. But a few weeks ago her name popped into my mind again and I've started listening to her songs again! And I also want to recommend them to you guys, because her voice is so bright and beautiful! :)

Another nice fact: I'm gonna sing with the school band again! This year, our school exists many many years and we're celebrating it. Some of our teachers created a band a couple of years ago, and since a few years they've been inviting students to sing with them. Last year they picked me already but this year they invited me again! :) Yay! I'm probably gonna sing the songs Girl by Anouk and Valerie by Amy Winehouse! I'm so excited already!! :)

Oh by the way, it wasn't that cold today, can you believe it!! :P

Love xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Once upon a Time in a Far Away Kingdom

This is what I'm wearing today!
Vero Moda dress // DIY belt // H&M hair clips // vintage bracelet

I love this arm cuff, now seriously! It's looks so chic and it's just gorgeous, don't you think? The dress is new, bought it last Friday night (haha, Katy Perry sooong) in Rotterdam! Also went to the Monki store again. My mother bought me those amazingly cute gloves! I think I'm gonna be wearing them soon.. The weather in the Netherlands sucks right now! Even though the skies are blue it's still cold. And the wind, oh my gosh, it almost makes me fall of my bike every time haha!

I hope the weather's better at your place! :)

Love xx

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Make my Minty Day

Hi guys!

A couple of days ago I received an email from Pantyhose Party, saying that I got featured on the blog! You gotta scroll down a bit for my pics, but that's no biggie because all of the pictures on this tumblr blog are so inspirational! I'm sure gonna check out this blog again, to get my daily inspiration!

what I'm wearing: secondhand top // H&M cardigan // H&M shorts // Texto heels // ring bought on the market in France