Sunday, May 12, 2013


Here's another Instagram update for you! Sunday is still my day to post my Instagrammies on my blog, but I haven't done it every week since I made the promise to do it. I guess I've just been to busy, and some weeks I don't post any pics on Instagram, and the next week I might post lots of pics.. So maybe I should just update my Instagram once a month. The second Sunday of the month. How does that sound?

What's on the pics?
1. Outfit pic on Instagram. See the entire post here
2. I went to Sister Act with my family & girlfriend, it was amazing!
3. My pic from the Cream PR Bloggers event. Love this suit.
4. Necklace from Fashionology
5. Reflections of Maassluis in the water
6. The necklace my girlfriend bought for me, to celebrate our one year anniversary ♥
7. "Wuppies" for Kings/Queensday
8. Me on stage for a karaoke night haha
9. New notebook from Sissy Boy and bag shaped like a watermelon from H&M.
10. My orange last-Queensday nails matched perfectly with my new coat!!
11. The setting of the C&A rooftop party. Check out the entire post here
12. I've been checking out so many ballet accounts on Instagram lately, so I decided to take part of it & post an en pointe pic!

What do you think of these pics? And if you'd like to follow me, my username is @saskiavanrij !

See you on Instagram!

♥ Saskia


Friday, May 10, 2013


The end of the schoolyear is coming nearer and nearer. I've almost finished my first year at the Utrecht School of the Arts. It's been a great year, and as the months pass I'm getting excited for summer, but also a bit nervous: will I pass my propaedeutic year? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Will you cross your fingers for me? :-)

What I'm wearing:
New Look playsuit // Esprit heels (from Rinske // H&M hat

This little playsuit really made me feel like a Parisienne in the Netherlands! I love the color and the belt with it. The texture is great, it's a bit of a shiny fabric, which makes it look a bit more chic. The pics below were taken by Rinske last Sunday, when the weather was still amazing! It seems like I just can't stop talking about the weather. But it's been so strange here the last couple of months. It seems like yesterday that it was still super cold, and I was shaking in my thick winter coat. A couple of days ago I wore shorts, and now it's somewhere in between. It's not bad, but it's not good as well... I guess that's just the Netherlands. It keeps fascinating me in a way, otherwise I wouldn't talk about it in probably each post I've written in the last couple of months... Well, maybe it'll get better when I get used to the good (or bad, you'll never know...) weather again.

I'm super excited for summer holidays by the way. I'm going to France (celebrating my 19th birthday there on the 9th of July) and to Hungary in August. Do you have any plans??

XX Saskia


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Here's the Mr. Gugu & Miss Go skirt I bought a couple of months ago, and which I got a couple of weeks ago! If you've been reading my blog for a bit longer, you've probably read the post. If you haven't, you can always check it out right here! Me and Rinske had a mini photo shoot last Sunday. The weather right now is exactly the thing I could get used to in a second! But hey, I live in the Netherlands! Why have one week that feels like spring, or maybe even summer?? That's way too long, right?! I bet Mother Nature thinks something like that when she decides the weather for the Netherlands. It'll be worse tomorrow, and we'll probably have rain. Not really a wear-your-shortest-shorts type of weather. But I'm enjoying it while I still can!

What I'm wearing:
H&M top // Mr Gugu & Miss Go skirt // Primark necklace // H&M heels

Enjoy the rest of the week! :-)

XX Saskia


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rooftop Party // The Outfit

Here's what I wore to the C&A rooftop party event!! I wore the coat I'm absolutely in love with since I saw it in store. It wasn't a very cheap coat, but sometimes you just have to decide to buy something you'll be extremely happy with! So that's exactly what I did. I waited and waited until I got to wear it, and the rooftop party of last Thursday seemed like the perfect day to wear it for the first time!

Me and Tali from Rock My Heels

What I'm wearing:
Zara coat // H&M top // Bershka bandeau top // Pull & Bear jeans // H&M Conscious Collection heels

One thing I might have to change on the coat: it doesn't have a zipper, or buttons, or hooks.. So I guess I'm gonna have to leave the coat open or sew some hooks and eyes on the coat. When I went home, I used a big scarf to make sure I wouldn't get a cold, which was a great solution as well.. What would you do: sew hooks & eyes on it or just buy a super nice scarf to go with it?

XX Saskia