Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Second Day In Par(ad)is(e)

This wall says "I love you" in 133 different languages. We found the Dutch "Ik hou van je" after about half an hour, haha

The Montparnasse Tower

Marc by Marc Jacobs ballerinas

Don't we all love carousels?

pink cars, how amazing is that? :D

And now my outfit of the second day in Paris! :) I'm wearing a H&M Skirt and a H&M jacket. I'm also wearing Blanco ballerinas!

Tomorrow I'll give you the pictures of my last day in Paris, plus what I saw of the fashion week! Ofcourse I didn't see any shows (but oh how I wanted to see at least one of them!), but I did see something else....... I'm not gonna tell you guys yet what I saw exactly, because I want to keep it a surprise. It's not that special, but it did give me some inspiration....... You guys know it yet?? No? Well, keep guessing then, and I'll show my pictures tomorrow! :D

Big love,

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