Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shopping: Green coat

Bought a new coat today at Zara! I'm so happy with it, I'm in love with the color and the pockets are just at the right height. I love to stand with my hands covered in my pockets, but sometimes the pockets are too low or too high so standing like that is absolutely not comfortable. But at this coat they're perfect.

I also bought shoes again today (wooops). Already had 28 pairs of shoes, of which 57% were heels.. But now I've got 29 pairs of shoes, and the 29th were heels again, oops, would you think I'm addicted to heels? :P



  1. Waar heb je die schoenen gekocht? Ik ben namelijk al een tijdje op zoek naar dat soort schoenen, ik vind ze echt leuk!

  2. Super leuke jas!
    En voor hierboven ^ Volgens mij zijn ze van de Van Haren. (: Super mooi zijn ze!
    Ik hou een give away!
    Doe je mee?
    Liefs, Charlie

  3. Love the shoes and you look gorgeous in green! I am not ready to think about coats...just yet!

  4. the coat really looks lovely. and i love how you matched it with a red beret:)

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  5. amazing shoes!
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  6. Great outfit, but those shoes, are beyond gorgeous!

    xo Odette

  7. Leuke foto's
    En die schoenen wauw:D

  8. I really love the colour of that coat... it get's me excited for the fall! Its really cute paired with the lace up heels... and I think a sublte grey was the perfect match. I'd justify the purchase!! <3

    xx Elia

  9. Zo'n zalige, mooie schoenen! Die panty vin dik ook erg leuk ^^.

  10. I really love the shoes you bought! So chic
    Shasie of Live Life in Style