Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sun's Still There

"Look out the window, the sun's still there behind the clouds of grey,
blue as the day that we found each other we can't let it get away."
- Bailey Tzuke (song name: Strong)

what I'm wearing:
dress worn as skirt (unknown brand) // H&M top // Van Haren heels

I used to listen to songs of Bailey Tzuke all the time, but then I kind of lost them, because I could not find them on any downloading programme. But a few weeks ago her name popped into my mind again and I've started listening to her songs again! And I also want to recommend them to you guys, because her voice is so bright and beautiful! :)

Another nice fact: I'm gonna sing with the school band again! This year, our school exists many many years and we're celebrating it. Some of our teachers created a band a couple of years ago, and since a few years they've been inviting students to sing with them. Last year they picked me already but this year they invited me again! :) Yay! I'm probably gonna sing the songs Girl by Anouk and Valerie by Amy Winehouse! I'm so excited already!! :)

Oh by the way, it wasn't that cold today, can you believe it!! :P

Love xx


  1. Super leuke outfit! Je rok/jurk is zooo leuk!
    Lekker opvallend!
    Liefs, Charlie

  2. cute outfit :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  3. Leuke foto's zeg!
    ik hou echt van jouw stijl!

  4. Congrats on singing! And what a beautiful skirt you've made out of the dress! Love the print! :)

    sorelle in style