Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shopping: Versace for H&M

what, oh, what could possibly be inside this gorgeous shopping bag???

as you might have noticed just yet, I went to the H&M store in Rotterdam today! Their Versace for H&M collection was launched today. Unfortunately I couldn't go there early in the morning because of school.. But I went at about 11 o' clock. It was still extremely crowded in the store, and lots of the pieces were already sold out.. The pieces I wanted were sold out, so I bought a pair of SHOES!

Myyyy gosh they're sooo pretty! Hadn't even noticed them before I saw them standing there, asking me to try them on... Yes, the shoes were talking to me, haha. No, just kidding. But I realllly wanted them. So I tried them on, fell even more in love and soon found myself outside the store with a huge Versace for H&M shopping bag.

Then my lovely sister told me she ordered the items I was craving for online. Pictures of those items will be online as soon as they arrive! :) Today was a perfect day. Then my mother also just came home with thermo leggings.. I'm wearing them now and they are just ah-ma-zing haha!

So now you're probably curious about the shoes I bought, right? Well, here are my new lovely babies!!

Were you able to buy anything of the collection?

Love xx,


  1. Love them! Curious to the rest, can I expect a totally over the top entirely Versace for H&M outfit? :-D

  2. Ooh! They're really nice. Great buy!

  3. Wow they're so lovely! The whole collection looks great :)

  4. The shoes are beautiful. I love Versace but I'm not able to purchase anything from them right now. :( It's just not in the cards. Maybe some day. Until then, I will live vicariously through you. ;)

  5. super cute :) mooie schoentjes zeg, en congrats wij hebben helaas niets weten te bemachtingen :(

  6. Wauw wauw wauw, die tas alleen al! Super gaaf!