Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hi guys!

I downloaded the Instagram for Android app a couple of weeks ago and I'm so happy with it! I love the effects you can add to the pictures. They can give a whole different kind of atmosphere to your photo!

I've had 2 of my 9 exams. Next week will be the worst: each day, from Monday till Friday, I'll be making an exam: history on Monday, maths on Tuesday, German on Wednesday, English on Thursday and Latin on Friday.. Then the third week I've got economics on Wednesday and French on Thursday. After that, I'll be going on holiday with my mom, dad and sister! We're going to Greece, I've never been there before but I'm so excited to go there! I hope the weather will be nice haha, here in the Netherlands we haven't really seen a lot of sun...

So here are the pictures I've taken with the Instagram app so far. The last one isn't really on my instagram account, but it shows the name of my account.

What's to see?
cherry pie cupcake / H&M pants + converse shoes / a drawing I made / my barbie doll glitter nailpolish / tea, the perfect break from studying / an outfit on my camera, hasn't been posted here because of the bad quality, sorry! / my dog / my friend Vyvian and me on our last day of school: party! (the theme was playboy mansion haha that's why we're wearing such exciting outfits) / my new H&M top and earrings / finally wearing heels again / breakfast / my arts book, had the exam today! / the top I'm wearing today + my Lucard bird cage necklace / I'm longing for summer, especially when I see my pink tie dye shorts & the H&M fringe top!

Do you have an Instagram account? I'd love to see your pictures!! :-)

xo Saskia