Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hi guys!

Here's my second instagram post. I keep forgetting to update you guys with my instagram pics. Some of them also appear on my blog though in some kind of way. Well, if you'd like to follow me, my username is xsaskiav.

What's in the pics?
Our dog Naomi // new bike + bell // nail art // Rinske & me // something I drew while studying he he // Primark sandals // nail art // tea while studying // glitter key DIY (tutorial soon) // Grey's Anatomy, my fav show // Rinske's cat in the skink // the blue Greek sea // yummy dessert // dolphin fountain at Kos // yummy dessert 2 // the hotel dog at Kos // Greeeeece! // Bodrum, Turkey

As you can see, there are even some holiday pics between those Instagram pics.. Bad bad me. Well, I've got more to show, but then the list of pic descriptions will be way too long! So come back later for more haha! ;-)

X Saskia


  1. OH I just love the one of Rinske's cat in the skink! I wish I had instagram...hopefully in the future when I have more in a budget for an iphone.

    Lovely shots<3

  2. cute nail art! <3