Friday, March 1, 2013

Trend Report: Spring/summer 2013 Inspiration

Hi guys!!

Spring is just around the corner!! After a long, long winter with super low temperatures and maybe even (lots of) snow, we can finally say that spring is about to set it's feet on this half of the world again. My sun-and-high-temperature-loving heart got totally excited when I heard weathermen say that the temperatures are getting higher next week. This means that I can almost get all of those warm winter sweaters out of my closet, and that all of the summer dresses I love will be able to go inside my closet again, and that these dresses can even be worn again without freezing to death!!

As I can't let my favorite spring/summer 2013 trends pass, I combined them in a huge style board I created on, shown below. STYLIGHT is a great community in which all fashion loving people like you and me can create their own style boards. Use outfits of your own, or use outfits of people who inspire you, or go crazy and create a huge trend board like the one below!

You can view this board here and more of my boards right here.

I discovered STYLIGHT a couple of days ago and I can't let this pass. Have you ever heard of the website?? You should most definitely go check it out. With the possibility of creating boards like these, it's kind of like Polyvore, but then more stylish and you can dream bigger. I always had the problem with Polyvore that my images stayed super small. Well, I don't know if you've noticed already, but the images you can make with STYLIGHT (like the one above...) can be as huge as you want them to be!! Add your own pictures and some quotes, or maybe even a short movie clip or some nice music and you're board will fill itself in no time! STYLIGHT also has a huge fashion 'library', for both men and women. You can heart the items you love, basically putting it on your personal wishlist everyone in the STYLIGHT community can see. Maybe you can get your parents / (boy/girl)friend or even your grandparents to make a STYLIGHT account too, just to keep track of your wishlist.... ;-) Just joking.

STYLIGHT mixes cheaper items from for example Mint&Berry or Even&Odd with more expensive brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Sass and Bide and Hugo Boss. A nice touch is that STYLIGHT immediately shows you the price (and sometimes the discount price!) and you can filter the items on the amount of money you'd like to spend on your clothing. When you're browsing STYLIGHT from the UK, you can get to the webshop to buy your item simply by clicking on the item of your choice. In the Dutch version, you have to click on the item and then go to the webshop by clicking the "naar de shop" button. Easy, right? :-)

What do you think of the spring/summer trends for this year?? And what do you think of STYLIGHT? Do you already have an account or will you make one? You can find my account on

X Saskia



  1. I know how you feel about the sunny weather! My entire wardrobe consists of floral spring/summer dresses that are just itching to come out!xo

  2. Nice post, your blog is lovely!

  3. Fringe and graphic prints are some of my favorites right now. I already began to buy summer pieces that are either have fringe or a fun print.