Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shopping: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

"Keep Calm and Love Mr Gugu & Miss Go"

A few months ago I ordered some clothing I absolutely adored at the Polish website Mr Gugu & Miss Go. I ordered a swimsuit with a print of the birth of Venus (check it out in this post & also here) and a skirt I've been searching for for ages. So I checked the prices and I was amazed to see that I could actually afford these gorgeous items!! As fast as I could, I put them in my online shopping basket and went to the check out. I was super happy with my new purchases, but then it took quite a while for the items to arrive...

I checked my profile at the website again, and it turned out my order was canceled. So I sent Mr Gugu & Miss Go an e-mail and this was the beginning of a long, long e-mail conversation. Turned out, the workers of the website missed the order, as I payed from the Netherlands and I bought the items on a Polish website.. Technical talk, I guess. Then we had some more talk through e-mails and second bummer was that they didn't make the Venus swimsuit anymore. They had some problems with the graphics... Too bad, but the people over at Mr Gugu & Miss Go are amazing, as they showed me very fast which swimsuits they were still making, so I chose one. And they said they were gonna send me a gift as a compensation for the whole situation. "Ohh that's so nice!!" I thought.

And oh yes, they were nice. Very nice. They sent me 2 (two!!) bathing suits instead of one, and a button shown above (quite a great motto for the entire situation, don't you think?). Now all I've got to say is:

Thank you so much Mr Gugu & Miss Go for the compensation!!

What's on the pics?
galaxy swimsuit, cloudy swimsuit (not available anymore) and elephant skirt

The items look a little bit strange on the pics, that's because of my mannequin. She hasn't got a long enough body for the skirt so I had to use cardboard to not have it look even stranger. :-) I also had to use a small piece of cardboard on the bottom of the fitting doll, as it got a little bit too used over the years so she looks like she has a cameltoe if I don't use the cardboard haha.

How do you like these items?? Have a nice weekend guys! :-)

XX Saskia



  1. Those bathing suits and that skirt are absolutely amazing!
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  2. it's so nice to hear that some companies still care about their costumers!!! the bathing suits are amazing and the skirt is lovely as well!!

  3. These items are amazing!!! Haha how nice of Mr.Gugu and Miss.Go! Love your blog!

  4. Oh my goodness I am in love with the cloudy swimsuit, I'm so sad they don't make it anymore.

  5. I love the swimsuits! I love them:)

  6. Wow! Those are such lovely prints. For once I thought the elephants were real until I focused on the entire picture. I would love to wear that elephant print skirt. Nice collection.

    Would you like to follow each other?


  7. Omg, this elephant-printed skirt is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Must-have piece!

  8. One thing I respect tremendously is great customer service. Everyone makes mistakes but its how you rectify it that makes the impact. 'Mr Gugu and Miss Go' did great on this one and the swimsuits and skirt are stunning, gorgeous prints.

    Stay Stylish,

    TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves