Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm back from holiday and it's the second Sunday of the month, which means: Instadiary time with special holiday pics!!! Yay! Are you excited? Well, I am, because as you're reading this, I'm on my way to Amsterdam (with my extremely tanned skin, ahem ahem) for two shows at the Amsterdam Fashion Week!! How cool is this: back from holiday and immediately back to blogging business with events like this. And tomorrow I'll be going to the Modefabriek, and the weather in the Netherlands isn't even that bad, so I'm a happy happy person.

I've got lots of pics for you, so I'm gonna do this a little bit different. I'll put the descriptions of the pics just below one collage. Do tell me whether you like this kind of lay-out better than the old one, which you can check out right here!

1. The weather in the Netherlands was good, for a change!!! So these are my legs,with my favorite bird shorts from Blanco.
2. If you'd like yourself a good holiday read: read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
3. I was even wearing a bathing suit, that's how good the weather was!!
4. My new boots from Sarenza came in the mail, I love them
5. Fashion show time!! Check out a post I wrote about it here
6. Me working the runway! My mother took this pic.

1. Me working the runway again in a tableaux vivant (I'm the second one). Pic by
2. Peter Stigter took pictures during the show, which made it even cooler.
3. I found a lot of money on the street. These 10 cents are the start of my millions.
4. After a couple of sunny days, the weather decided to go all rainy again. Yay.
5. Time for some DIY!! Check out the result here
6. Bought this extremely cute shower cap at Paperchase :-)

1. Holiday pics!! Enjoying the sun at the swimming pool
2. My new and much needed phone case, which I bought in France. My screen broke twice already, so I hope this baby will prevent that from happening ever again....
3. Our hotel room in Barcelona. Yes, we also visited Barcelona! It was only two hours away from where we stayed in France, so we had a two-day-counting city trip to Barca
4. We also visited my favorite museum in the world: the Dali Museum in Figueres. This is my favorite piece of art. It can actually beat like a real heart....... Breathtakingly beautiful.
5. I celebrated getting older (I'm 19 now) the 9th of July. These were my amazing gifts: a camera bag, a 50-200 lens and these gorgeous babies from Sacha. I'm spoiled.
6. I'm a shoe addict, so in my holiday, which lasted 12 days, I got myself three new pairs of shoes (one birthday gift). Bought the sandals at Zara in Barcelona, and the leopard beauties at Figueres.

If you'd like to see these pics the moment I upload them to Instagram, you can follow me by searching for my username, which is @saskiavanrij. Hope to see you there guys! :-)

And, important: I made a mistake in one of my posts. Do you remember how I proudly showed you the pictures of the shoot I had with the designs from Judith van den Eijnden? Well, I wrote her name as Judith van der Eijnden, which isn't her name. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I changed the title of the post and her name in the entire post :-)

♥ Saskia