Monday, October 17, 2011

No need to Complicate

What I'm wearing:
H&M top // Zara skirt // Christmas decoration used as a belt // Primark heels

Here are some pictures I took about a month (or two..) ago - oops. Completely forgot to upload them!!

My holidays have started today. :) That's something I really needed! Went to this huge secondhand store in town today, Het Goed, and bought an ELLE blazer and a nice scarf for the winter. I also saw an amazing black fake fur coat which only costs €16,50!! It's an H&M coat, so the original price would have been about 60 euros.. I didn't buy it though but I think I might regret it..

What do you think.. Should I go back tomorrow and buy it?

Love xx,


  1. that outfit is sooo adorable ! i think you should go back and buy the jacket if you have still enough money later ! ;-) :-)

  2. Run! Do not walk. Run back to that store and grab that jacket! Oh my goodness, I have been sighing and pining away for a faux fur jacket but the price tag has prevented me from buying one. I'd be in heaven if I found one for that price!!! Love those shoes and using a christmas decoration as a belt is genius.