Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Duper Wall

this is what I wore to the ANSH46 event! I wore my Van Haren heels and this brand new dress. And guess who made it, my dear followers? Yes! It's me!! :)

I do have one nice tip for when you ever want to create a dress yourself.. Never do it when you have to hurry!! This dress wasn't really finished an hour before I had to go to the event. I still had to put a zipper in. So I decided that I had time to put that zipper in, do my hair, iron the dress, put it on, search for the right shoes......... Do a lot in an hour, to shorten the story.

So when I went to the train station on my bike, I suddenly felt a small rip on my back.. At first I thought the zipper went down a bit, but then I realized that the dress was ripping.. Luckily it wasn't torn apart completely, but just a little bit on top. It stayed on all night and didn't rip any further. :)

I've been studying all day today. My testweek is coming up this week, so I'll probably be posting even less than I already do (ok yeah I should seriously start posting more often, I know)... Hope you guys will enjoy your week haha!

Love xx,


  1. you look cute :)

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  2. Such a beautiful dress. I can't believe you made it :) very cool

  3. I'm totally jealous. Wish I had the skill to design and sew my own clothes. Maybe someday if I keep working at it I will. Your dress is lovely. Glad it stayed on all night :D

  4. gorgeous! you look amazing!

  5. wat heb je een prachtige kleur haren, love the pictures, love the wall :)


  6. y0u're fresh-L00king gaL! ^_^
    nice ph0t0s t00! =)

    by the way, we have been f0ll0wing y0u since we first visited y0ur bL0g last m0nth.

    y0u haven't returned the fav0r yet.

    please F0LL0W US BACK... ^_^


    als0 c0nnect with us thru g00gLe

    Thank y0u! ϡ