Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi guys!

We went to Bodrum yesterday by boat. We wanted to go shopping and also do some cultural things, but we had so much fun shopping, that we didn't have any time left for sightseeing. Oops? Even more surprising: I didn't buy anything!!! Even though my fashion-loving heart died a little by seeing all those fake bags, scarfs and just about anything, I would have loved to have bought something.. They had this gorgeous Hermes wallet and I saw a gorgeous Hermes scarf as well (please forgive me, my fellow fashion lovers!! :-P) and also a loooovely bag. But everything I saw was at least €100, which was a bit too much. So unfortunately, no money spent.

But.. The fact that I didn't spend any money in Bodrum, turned out to be good! I bought a super cute bag today at Kos, sunglasses (fake Hermes, but almost everything is fake here haha but they were pretty! :-P I've forgiven myself), slippers and a little gift for my mother. Can't wait to show you everything!!!

Oh I also bought a cute pink scarf with butterflies printed on it, as I got extremely sunburnt.. So now I can at least protect my shoulders a bit :-)

On the pic you can see the harbour of Bodrum :-) I tried to make the picture of my last post bigger but it's impossible. Or maybe not impossible, but I simply don't have enough technical skills to figure out how to do it... But after my holiday I'll be back with bigger pics!!

Much love from the sunny sunny Greece!

xo Saskia

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