Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi guys!

Here are some pictures that were taken at Kos. I've sorted all pics out now, I thought that having holiday meant lots of free time and time for blogging, but I've recently experienced the opposite haha. I've been very busy actually, but with fun things, not school-related things.

Vintage top // Zara shorts // flats from Paris // bag from France // sunglasses bought at Kos

I went to see the musical "The Little Mermaid", it was such a great musical! The costumes were amazing and the music.. Wow. Most songs really took me back to when I was a kid, watching the movie "The Little Mermaid" on the couch. Good memories haha. :-)

Furthermore I didn't do very much things that are worth mentioning, beside the fact that I'm job hunting and that I went shopping yesterday in Rotterdam with Rinske :-) She bought the cutest shorts ever from River Island, with ice cream cones all over them. I bought a skirt at Pull & Bear, you'll probably see me wearing it soon on my blog! Because today I promise, and now I really promise, to take more outfit pictures!

Friday I will have my graduation, I'll be wearing a very pretty blue dress, which I bought some time ago. Actually I bought it quite a while ago. I didn't really buy it for my graduation back then, but as time passed I figured that this dress would be great :-) And then Saturday I'll be going on a holiday again! This time I'm going to Salou with 5 friends from school. I can't wait till it's Friday!

xo Saskia!


  1. Great photos...!!!Hope you ate them later...!!!;)

  2. Lovely pictures :)

  3. This is such a pretty, and perfect summer outfit <3

    - Jamie

  4. very cute photos!
    and lovely outfit!