Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Neon Necklace

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a necklace in sale at H&M, but I never really wore it. It has a quite classy look, so it can make an outfit very neat. Then I thought about the neon trend taking over.. Why not give this necklace a little neon touch, to make it edgier and less neat? Well, that's what I did. I searched and searched for a neon spray paint (which I eventually found at Formido, a Dutch construction market) and then started spraying! Want to know how to create a necklace like this? Well then, here we go.

What you'll need
- Your necklace
- Spray paint
- Tape to cover the parts you don't want to spray
- Newspapers
- Hairspray

Follow these easy steps to create your neon necklace!
1. Cover the parts you don't want to color in tape. Make sure you don't see any bead directly next to the one you want to spray, to prevent these beads from being colored. You can just wrap some tape around the other beads, as we're also gonna cover this in a newspaper or anything else you'd like to use (an old towel / t-shirt / ...)

2. Go outside! You don't want to cover your entire house in neon. Put a newspaper underneath your necklace and the towel / t-shirt / extra newspaper over your necklace. Then start spraying. I sprayed about 3 layers on the beads.

3. Let it dry. You can spray some hairspray over the paint when it's completely dry, to seal your paint.

4. Wear it proudly! :-)

Of course you can also do this with any kind of object you'd like to spray. Personally, I'd love to spray the heel or toe caps of a pair of heels / flats / whatever type of shoe. Are you planning on doing a neon DIY? I'd love to know what you're gonna do and how it turned out! Of course you'll see any other neon DIY's from my hands as soon as they're completed ;-)

X Saskia



  1. Leuke DIY! Ben benieuwd naar een outfit post ermee!


  2. wow! this is pretty cool!! Im actually in the middle of starting a jewellery company which i am hoping to launch in 6 months! will let you know and you can check it out!

    keep up the wicked posts!


  3. Wat leuk gedaan! En lekker makkelijk :)

    en nog bedankt voor je lieve comment! :D de blouse is van monki, het rokje van C&A en de schoenen van van haren!


  4. That is a great idea, I would try it sometime.

  5. Beautiful! Follow me if you wanttttt! Kiss

  6. great diy project hun :)
    check out my new nyc post when u get a chance


  7. Love this :) Lovely work :)x

  8. Super leuk idee, maar had je niet beter roze kralen kunnen kopen? Het lijkt me namelijk dat dat roze er snel weer afgaat. Of valt dat mee? Verder vind ik je blog in ieder geval heel leuk!