Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi guys!

Haven't updated my blog in quite some time (again..)! As you might have read, I had my first exams last Friday and Monday. We spent the rest of our week in Hilversum, working on a project. Tomorrow will be the last day of this project, after which 'normal school life' will start again. I'm sorry for not posting any outfit pics in a very, very, very long time! I come home late every day, so it's already too dark outside to take outfit pics.. I hope I'll have more time next week!

Here's another instagram update. You can follow me via the link below this post. My username's saskiavanrij. I'll also post lots of my instagram pics on my twitter account!

What's in the pics?
1. summer outfit // 2. on my wrist // 3. Bvlgari drawing // 4. outfit // 5. September issues // 6. blue skies, oh how I want them back! // 7. smiling strawberries // 8. my doggie // 9. our fish // 10. Hungarian pie // 11. outfit // 12. Dress in the making // 13. River Island bathing suit // 14. nailpolish and rings // 15. Finding Nemo, favorite movie! // 16. winter wishlist // 17. I want to go to Disney Land Paris! // 18. phone case // 19. phone case // 20. L'├ęcole National // 21. Modefabriek outfit // 22. art in a book // 23. read this blog! :-) // 24. galaxy top outfit

Lots of pics haha, and this isn't even everything! I've got to keep this instadiary up a bit more haha.

X Saskia!



  1. Aah leuke foto's en mooie outfits ertussen! Ik volg je:) zou leuk zijn als je terug volgt!:)

  2. cute pictures! i'm your newest follower on GFC and bloglovin! hope you visit me too? i think you'll like my outfits :)

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog, yours is lovely.