Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Neon Flowerpot

Here's another DIY project I found while browsing through other blogs lately! I found this one on My Online Wardrobe! It's not a fashion DIY for once, but an interior DIY! I decided to do it exactly the same as on My Online Wardrobe, but next time I might put an aztec print on the neon pink part of the pot! Well, here we go!

Here's what you'll need
- A flowerpot (I bought mine for less than €2,00 at Action)
- Neon spraypaint (bought this one at a hardware store)
- Newspapers to cover your floor
- Tape
- Pieces of paper
- Nailpolish remover
- Cotton swabs

And here's what you'll do!

Step 1. Cover the top part of your flowerpot with tape. I also used some white paper to cover it up faster, and I also thought it would stop spots and splashes to appear on the pot. We'll see soon if that worked or not...

Step 2. Start spraying your flowerpot! It's best to spray multiple thin layers on it, as this will prevent drips.

Step 3. Let it dry for a bit! You can use the tip of your finger to feel whether it's dry or not, but make sure to do this very carefully! If it's not dry, you will see your finger marks on the paint haha! ;-) If it's completely dry, peel off the paper and the tape! I still had some splashes, but they were easily to remove with a bit of nailpolish and a cotton swab.

And here's your result!! Put a nice plant in it, and enjoy!

How did you like this DIY? Would you like some more interior DIY's on my blog, or would you like me to stay with fashion DIY's? I've still got the "big book of DIY" on my computer, with projects I collected over the time, so don't worry: DIY's will always find their way back to my blog! :-)

♥ Saskia



  1. Echt super leuk gedaan! Is ook goed gelukt.

    Kiki | Chicks About Fashion

  2. is pretty :)

  3. super leuk gedaan zeg!!! ga ik thuis ook proberen

  4. What a great idea!xx
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, let me know if you want to follow each other :)