Sunday, June 9, 2013


Second Sunday of the month is Instadiary Day! Last Instagram update was at the 12th of May, now it's the 9th of June, so it's time to update you all. My Instagram account has kind of made a change the last month: since the beginning of June, the weather is getting better. But in May, oh my, the weather was awful. It made me feel like I should have worn sweaters, scarfs and beanies all month long. And it was already spring! Well, let's see what kind of pics I posted last month...

What's on the pics?
1. L.K. Bennett shoes at the Sarenza party
2. Sonia Rykiel shoes at the same Sarenza party
3. Dark, dark clouds of the Netherlands. OK, I may have exaggerated a bit by using a dark Instagram filter
4. I really felt like wearing scarfs and beanies, as you can see
5. Instabreakfast (because many people consider Instagram the perfect place to post their breakfast, lunch or dinner, making me jealous)
6. A DIY top
7. I was doubting about ordering these boots. And I did. Do you like them?
8. I wore a summer-ish H&M Conscious Collection top underneath my sweater, so I could just feel a little bit of spring on my body
9. A modern version of the girl with the pearl earring. Because that's what she probably would have done if she lived now ;-)
10. Garlic bread, which is super tasty!
11. Perfect summer items: a hat and heels from this year's H&M Conscious Collection
12. A sweet painting Mira made for me :-)

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♥ Saskia


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