Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Eye Espadrilles

Before I went to France, I was home alone for one week. And besides partying like hell (no, just joking) I did a lots and lots of DIYs or I made some plans for DIYs. I saw a picture of Sabrina from AfterDRK on her Instagram feed wearing espadrilles with eyes printed on them, and I instantly fell in love with this creative idea! And when I saw some espadrilles in store for only €5,99 (!) I realised this was meant to be (oh, how emotional), and I bought the espadrilles and some paint.

Here's what you'll need
- Espadrilles (bought mine at Blokker)
- Shoelace
- Fabric paint
- Paint brush
- Paper and a pen

Step 1. Tie the lace around your espadrille to make the surface you want to paint flat. This will make it easier to apply the fabric paint to the shoe.

Not on the pics, but also a step that helped me a lot: I painted an eye on a piece of paper before I started drawing it on the shoe. This way it was easier for me to get two eyes of the same size. All I had to do for the second, closed eye, was just turn the paper around and there was my second, perfectly sized and shaped, eye!

Step 2. Start painting the eye on the shoe. At first I wanted to use black fabric paint to give the eye a pupil, but then I figured that I could give it a real touch of "me" if I didn't draw a pupil on it. So I just drew the eye, the iris, and the eyelashes and then went on to the other eye! Be careful with the first eye: you definitely don't want your eyelashes to go the wrong way!! This is what happened to me. To fix it, I used a bit of Biotex. Thank god for Biotex!!

Step 3. Draw the second eye on the shoes. This eye is closed for the wink, so you don't have to draw an iris in it! Just draw some eyelashes on the bottom of the eye and you're all done!

Step 4. Wear them with pride! I think the striped side of the espadrille gives another nice touch to it. When I bought my espadrilles, at first I was really happy with them, but then I thought: "oh no, I'm so so stupid!! I just bought black shoes and I have to draw the eye on it with black paint. Then I thought: why do i have to do that? Can't I just get another color for the outline? At the craft shop it all worked out fine: the golden paint caught my eye, they had only one pot of it left, and it was perfect!! Do you like the golden outline, or would you prefer lighter shoes with a black outline of the eye?

Are you gonna try this yourselves?

♥ Saskia



  1. Wat een superleuke DIY, je hebt ze omgetoverd in schattige en hippe schoentjes <3


  2. Leuke DIY zeg, ziet er gelijk uit als een duurder paar met die tekeningen. Knap gedaan! :) xx

  3. How cool :).


  4. Supercool bedacht, echt tof! X Anna


  5. Superleuke post! Heel leuk gedaan!

    Liefs, Jennifer

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  6. Denk je dat je die espadrilles nog bij de Blokker kunt kopen? Super leuk! X