Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fashion Week // Outfit

Hi guys!

Here's what I wore to the Fashion Week last Sunday! I'm wearing a dress I made myself, it's pretty old already but I'm actually still pretty proud of it :-) I'm also wearing my Van Haren heels. Oh and these are actually good pictures of my 'new hair'! Woopwoop! I showed you a picture here a couple of days ago, but these pictures are better. You can really see how short my hair is right now!! But I'm very happy with the results haha!

Now I've got some more holiday (outfit) pics to come! :-) Oh and I'm going to Modefabriek!! I don't know exactly which day I'd like to go yet, but anyway I'm going :-) I'm very excited, this is such a great time with the invite to Fashion Week, my pass to Modefabriek.. I can't believe what blogging has brought me in a year and a half :-)

Much love,
xo Saskia


  1. Love your dress for Fashion Week, Saskia! I got your message on IFB so came to visit your blog. It's so fun to read! Following you now.

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to visit my blog. If you like it, you can even follow!


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