Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hi guys!

Here's the third set of photos taken in Salou. This time I'm showing you pictures that were taken at the last day of our holiday: the 8th of July. As the 9th of July was my birthday, I decided to wear something festive. And what's better than my sequin skirt to celebrate? When we got back to the appartement it was already dark, so I only have these in-the-dark pictures. I hope you don't mind! :-)

By the way, today I'm going to take picturse with Rinske! She started a blog lately, but it's only for the dutchies out here haha, as she's writing in Dutch :-) You can find here blog here!

Pull&Bear sequin skirt // H&M top // Roberto Durville ballet flats

xo Saskia


  1. the skirt is really cool and makes the outfit not so casual! love it:)
    xx Kate

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