Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stylight Holiday Summary

I told you guys about STYLIGHT before, but besides using it to share your style, it's also great fun to create a board about your holiday using the items and everything they offer! And that's exactly what I did. I made a summer holiday summary for my holiday in France, and I might also do this for the holiday I'm on right this moment. I bet I'll be sunbathing in the garden now, or playing with the dog, reading magazines, reading books, swimming in Lake Balaton, or anything else you mostly do on holidays. Maybe I'm shopping....... Could be the situation as well.

In the first part of the board, you can see something you've already seen on my blog as well: my basic beach outfit (see the post here). Beside the pic of me you can see shorts from Levis, a sweater from Object, a lace top from Modstrom and a crop top from MET Jeans. With all those items you can create a lovely basic beach outfit like mine. The nice thing about STYLIGHT is that you can buy the items through the website. You can easily click a button which will lead you to a webshop.

Below this you can see something I love so much: printed or embellished shorts. I love the peacock shorts from Bambam. For the other brands, you can follow this link and simply click on the items you'd like to see the brand of. You can also see a preview of a post in which I'm wearing neon shorts. I bought the beauty in Barcelona. For a citytrip to Barcelona you'll probably need some basic items like sunscreen, a hat and definitely a bag which can be closed VERY good. There are so many pickpockets in Barcelona, so be careful for this when you're going!!

Then: a trend I absolutely LOVE. Printed bathing suits. Most of the bathing suits you see in my board are from We Are Handsome. This brand seriously has the BEST printed bathing suits. For those of you who don't like bathing suits, I also put a couple of printed bikinis in the board ;-). And of course you can see my version of this trend. The beach in France is perfect for photoshoots, and this shoot turned out amazingly. You'll definitely see more of the bathing suit I'm wearing, which is from Mr Gugu & Miss Go!

Then last but not least: we visited my all time favorite museum: that of Salvador Dalí in Figueres. I love his art, I've been in love with it since I was about twelve years old. I'll probably love his art forever. That's many many years to come. We visited this museum as well a couple of years ago, but it still doesn't bore me. That's the amazing thing about Salvador Dalí, to me. He tried so many styles, and everything worked. He also created some jewellery, and as my Instagram followers might have already seen, you can see a picture of my favorite piece in this board. It's a heart, and it can actually beat. Like a real heart, indeed. This piece of jewellery can amaze me anytime, but as this would probably be way to expensive, I'd settle for a cute ring like the ones next to it.

Happy holiday guys!! See you in a couple of days for pics from this board, and more pics from my latest holiday to Hungary!!

♥ Saskia


P.S. Have you checked out the amazing commercial Stylight created? It's featuring bloggers like Kenza from Kenzas and Andy from Style Scrapbook. You can also see some people who work at Stylight in the commercial!! I really love it, and you can check it out yourselves as well below!


  1. Wat een mooie collage heb je ervan gemaakt!


  2. Leuk gedaan zo!

    Ik zat op de camping International in Porlezza! Herkenbaar? XO

    1. Ja!! Daar heb ik zo'n honderd jaar geleden ook een keer gezeten! Leuk om te horen haha, ben benieuwd hoe het daar nu is!

  3. Leuk gedaan! Ik heb sinds vorige week ook een account, vind 't echt een geweldige site! :)

  4. Wat een leuke vakantie foto's!

  5. Great blog! Maybe you want to visit my blog. i'm new to this

  6. Heeel leuk! Ik heb ook een account, moet alleen nog even wat dingen uitvogelen haha!

  7. Super leuk :D


  8. Wat een leuke looks!
    Heb zelf dat aztec/neon shortje (:

    Liefs, Liese
    PS: ik hou een give-away, doe jij al mee?:)

  9. Gorgeous pics =)

    xoxo <3